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Chicago Tween Club

So this lovely little group ran a bit last year….. well longer than a year ago perhaps. Sadly, we did not have enough interest to keep it going, so we with the new season ahead, I’m waging interest in getting this back up and running again. This is a casual group for “tweens” (kiddos ages 9-12 years old). They younger or older siblings are specifically uninvited to encourage some time for this age group to get some great bonding going.

What’s needed to participate?

First, join the yahoo group to maintain communication with the group:

“Sign up” (email the group that you’d like) to host!

What does it mean to host you ask???
Well….. very simply…. plan and implement an activity. Could be a bike ride. Could be a movie, local park gathering, hike in the woods, social gathering at your home, gathering at a coffee shop? You name, you want, you plan it. The one and only stipulation that was previously set in place was that ideally the activity be free, OR no more than $10 per child. If you need parents to stay and help with an activity, then you can solicit the help with an activity. If you want to jointly plan an activity with another family, that works too. If you can run an activity and prefer no parents (due to space constraints or whatever) that’s totally fine too. State all of that in your planning email to the yahoo group and the group will listen.

The idea is that this is for kids 9-12 yrs old. I personally have younger children that would participate if it were my day to plan an activity, BUT it is *not* the standard that this be  “family” gathering. The idea is for this to be for the TWEENS to gather. A chance for them to be sans siblings for a brief period of time and get to hang out together. If you too need to plan an activity with the youngers it is fine for *your* planning day only, but on other days it would be wise to consider this a  drop off activity (unless otherwise specified by the host).
This group meets the 1st Monday of the month from 1pm – 4pm. It does not have start exactly at this time, or run for a full 3 hours, but if anyone planning an activity can target this time frame, then people will be planning on that time on the 1st Monday and be able to show up.
Sounds like fun, right???
Pop on over to that yahoo group and join us!!

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