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Getting through that to-do list and getting things done…. finally! The ba-hum-bug is finally leaving the building and I’m getting geared up. Got our holiday ornament/card done today! Will be off the mail tomorrow and thrilled that was accomplished. I am planning on still getting a family card/newsletter together for others as I only made a whopping 15 ornaments this year. I was very stingy b/c I really feel like not many enjoy them as others do. So they others will hear from us sometime during this holiday season with a family card from us. This weekend I am going to try to set up a tripod and get a family shot of us. Should be interesting! Have not done this before and there a lot of us to shove into a picture!

Tomorrow…  heading to a “meeting” (aka holiday shopping). The kids are getting keen on when I go, what I shop, how I shop, what’s being bought. I was online attempting to shop the other day and somehow they just sniffed it out and came pointing things out to me online. Ergh : ) So…. tomorrow I’m heading to a “meeting” and gonna attempt to get most of it all done!

Then we are down to the xmas eve menu. We are hosting dinner here, so I need to get that in order. We also have discussed some new family traditions. We are all excited about our xmas day in pj’s around the tree and playing with new toys. We will indulge on left overs and chocolate and make candy houses…. possibly a family movie night as well! That I am REALLY looking forward too! It will be quite fun and enjoyable.

Once the shopping is done, I will truly be in full spirit. I love the spirit of giving, but I HATE and really cringe quite a bit at the idea of shopping. Crowds are not my thing. Hot stuff stores…. yea…. just not my thing. I’m not at all a shopper. I needed to plan way more ahead this year. I shoulda really really put thought into the idea of online shopping! With a newborn in tow, I’m so not looking forward to it. I’ll do a quick swoop through online options to see if there are any shipping offers this late in the game…. but I’d much rather have things in hand than wondering if anything will show up in time. I just know that next year, I’m gonna start right at Thanksgiving time with the online stuffs and then not find myself in this predicament next year. It really seems to be my only major stress of the season…. those stinkin’ stores!

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