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Challenge – Nakita Baby
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Yes, that describes it to a ‘t’….. challenge. I have had good intent to sit down and blog this week and each time I have had not much to chatter about. Life is just good…. great in fact. I am in a state of relief now that classes are over. I really was reaching breaking point with the schedule there, and it’s been so wonderful to have a entered summer time. And summer time it truly has been. The weather has been amazing. Between the rains and the sunshine, one just can not at all complain. We are enjoying at least one park day per week with one of the area homeschool groups, and then a beach day as well. We’ve filled time with finally being able to be one-on-one with friends which seems to have been a long lost past time as of late. So it’s been wonderful to recapture that enjoyable free time with other very cool and special families. We’ve made it out to the garden just a bit. With all of the rain we have not had to go too often, but did make this week to do a bit o’ weeding. Things were looking just so-so there. Hopefully just a temporary cliche of over-watering from mother nature, and with more sunshine we’ll be ok. But there are signs that some things may be problems. The peas are a for instance. A few of the plants look as though they have been munched on by some critter of sorts. All of our strawberry blossoms were gone. And… the lettuce which I though could just grow larger seems more unhappy the larger it gets. But…. again, we shall see. I did not do anything much at all the last time but pull up some weeds. I hope to get back there soon and see how things are when we finally have some dry-time.

I have been feeling baby kicking nearly non-stop. It makes me even more eager to find out who this little person is. We are in for a treat I know that much. I have been having all of these wild dreams lately pointing me in various directions. My anticipation is mounting.

K has been back into the Bionicle scene lately. But also busy with so many projects its hard to keep track. I find him in a very challenging state recently. Many emotions surging through him that result in not-so-fun attacks on me. Something I certainly am not used to, coming from him. But he too seems to gather that its other stuff causing reactions towards me. At least when I ask him “what’s up”… he is able to realize that he’s affected by feeling tired, or the weather, or other factors going on. Nevertheless, it’s been a challenging spot for us, and look forward to this summer of just connecting more so with the laziness of the schedule and the uniqueness of true unscheduled family time.

D has been active as ever and growing each and every night. By 8pm she is asking if she should put her pj’s on…. not wanting to read in the evenings and literally just crashes. The weather and her activeness? Combined with her just sheer go-go-go personality? : ) Growth spurt? She got her first experience with baby this week! That was super fun. Every time baby seems really really active I think it might be a good time for them to feel the baby moving around. She was close enough to catch baby on the move this week and she was so thrilled! It was so cute. She is very eager as well to meet her new brother or sister real soon.

S is just the funniest little man ever. Still not nursing…. well, he’s asked. I’d say in this entire week of ‘not nursing’ he’s asked twice. Both times I reminded him that the milk was gone, but him and his stubbornness wanted to regardless. OMG was it painful as ever. Fortunately, he only latched for less than 5 seconds and had no interest. So in my mind, he’s still pretty weaned. I think that habit of asking will take time, and fortunately we have the summer for that. But he’s done most of the work himself, and that’s loads of pressure off. I still miss it tremendously and cherish that connection. But for me, it’s a great memory now…. too painful to relive! : ) Other… S is going through some very emotional stuff as well. He is getting really funny about certain things, and b/c he tries so hard to be verbal he gets super supper pissed off if you just don’t get it and do it the first time requested. Prime example….. made pasta the other day. Pasta was done and I was putting some in a bowl for D. I asked him if he wanted some and he said yes. So I started to put it in a bowl for him. Well, Mr. Pitch-a-fit showed up. He wanted me to put it back in the pan. (Me…. totally confused, did so.) Then he said he wanted some. Ok… put some in the bowl….. Screaming commences. I put it back. He says he wants it on the spoon. I ask, “OH… you want a bite from this big spoon?” …. “ah-huh”…. Ok… so give him a single noddle on the spoon and he’s happy and smiling all of a sudden. NOW…. he wants it in the bowl. Don’t get me started about when I bring the bowl to the table and try to figure out where he will sit to eat the pasta now! Oh yea…. he’s a handful that one. I tell you…. you just better get it right! ; )

Looking forward to this pretty relaxed weekend. The weather is pretty muggy, but enjoyable. Today SBJ had trouble keeping S awake at about 4pm, so after S crashed for a very unusual nap (as he just does not do so much anymore), he took K and D out for a bike ride. I had an amazing 2 hour span of time where I just enjoyed silence. I checked email, just sat and stared (literally : ), and then started a very YUM dinner. All in complete silence. Wow….

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