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Celebrating Unschooling – Nakita Baby
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Celebrating Unschooling

~Make some ATC’s with your family: http://www.cedarsee d.com/air/ atc.html

~Blow up a bunch of balloons and make up games with them as you go. Fill some with water. Draw faces on some. Ooh…FREEZE one with waterin it to make a huge ice ball!

~Read some unschoolers blogs: http://theparenting pit.com/http://sandradodd. blogspot. com/http://www.xanga. com/juliepersons

~Subscribe to an unschooling publication: http://connections. organiclearning. org/http://www.livefree learnfree. com/http://www.lifelear ningmagazine. com/

~Read Dr. Suess books in a Veeerrryy animated voice, especially “What was I scared of?” (pale, green pants)

~Try to get marbles out of a pan of ice with your feet.

~Start an insect collection, not the dead kind, the kind you have tofeed and take care of.:)

~Go for a walk someplace new

~Have a water fight

~Grow a sunflower house to hide in: http://www.rain. org/~philfear/ sunflowerhouse. html

~Don’t wonder if you’re child “should” be learning ANYTHING this week. Just live. And be. And suck every bit of joy out of every single moment together. Because you can.

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