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ShareYep, that about sums it up! Helluva day, weekend, week…. you name it. Not in a negative way, thank goodness. But in a “whoa did that just happen?” kinda way. So…. I think I left off at what all we had been looking at in terms of move-to vehicles. Truthfully, after seeing and driving like the 5th rickety old bus…. […]

Seeking our angel

ShareI slept a whooping 11 hours last night. I needed it, apparently…. big time. It’s been a long haul the last few weeks. Purging, cleaning, selling, packing, job hunting, travel planning, and….. dealing with 12 years of life here, with six other individuals; some of who are meeting the departure (from this home, not for travel) with a bit of […]


Share     We are now the proud new tenants of a 5 x 11 x 8 storage unit. This family of seven will be cramming in 14 years of life with kids into this little closet space. Think we can do it!?!? 😉 No furniture, just the essentials. Just the “I just can’t bare to get rid of this” […]


ShareToday was a lemon kinda day…… We’ve been on such a high lately it felt like kinda a brief blow. But the most amazing thing came from ‘the blow’ and that was an immediate high!!! Nothin’ is stopping this bucket-list-dream-of-how-life is-supposed-to-be manifest stand in our way. So…. first off let me be perfectly frank and say we are doing this […]


ShareTimes a getting pretty serious over here…. in the “wowza-this-is-getting-really-real” kind of way. Packing, purging, selling, moving shuffling. Working. Hauling. Dumping. This week lead to a bit of chill time with tons of pack and purge time. I received a call from Ohio by which it lead us to feel that the potential move would be stalled quite a bit. […]

American Dream

ShareThe question posed on Facebook: How did the “American dream” play a role in your decision to worldschool? And I really got into reading the responses. Made me contemplate deeper how and why we are choosing this path: When I ponder this question I reflect on all of my life choices to date and how I’ve had to break free from […]