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Sony Alpha a7S

ShareSo I was working on a project and I had to decide on a camera, I was working on a budget of 12,000$ so I had to decide on a camera that is quick, high quality, and good lighting. I was looking around and I found the Sony Alpha s7S is fantastic digital camera, the quality is amazing as well […]

Peaky Blinders

ShareWhen the day flies by and the littles are asleep, I more than typically have a laundry list of things I need to get done. But in the silence and sheer peace of the late night I find it nearly impossible not to get lost in a BBC series. They are are my all time favorite. And my latest infatuation […]

Math – Intelligence Stick

ShareSo, I find that a great portion of my ‘job’ as a radical unschooling parent is to be a major resource, provider, creator of experiences, encourager, etc. I am here to not only navigate through the world for them, but to encourage them to learn how to navigate when they are able, ready and willing. I tend to pick up […]


ShareDon’t you love my new superherione shooz??? Ha. I posted this pic to Facebook asking for some good jogging juju. I had been having some issues with left hip pain and right new “pain”…. more like discomfort. A homeopathic(s) was recommended to me as well as trying out barefoot running. I had to chuckle at that suggestion, not because I […]