Sony Alpha a7S

cameraSo I was working on a project and I had to decide on a camera, I was working on a budget of 12,000$ so I had to decide on a camera that is quick, high quality, and good lighting. I was looking around and I found the Sony Alpha s7S is fantastic digital camera, the quality is amazing as well as the Low-Light vision. The camera is perfect for independent filmmaking on a small scale (and small budget), the body alone has many features. This is a must have for cinematographers. The full frame sensor is absolutely amazing, and it has up to 120 fps, amazing for wide shots. It was an excellent addition to the film, and it ending up working great. I highly recommend this camera!

~ Review by Saikouba Entertainment

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Peaky Blinders

peaky blindersWhen the day flies by and the littles are asleep, I more than typically have a laundry list of things I need to get done. But in the silence and sheer peace of the late night I find it nearly impossible not to get lost in a BBC series. They are are my all time favorite. And my latest infatuation is the one and only Peaky Blinders. I can’t seem to watch enough episodes in a single evening and yet I dread the moment when I will reach the end of the third season. It’s just that good. If you have yet to check it out, I highly recommend this one!

Do you have farvorites? I surely want to hear it! I’m always interested in a fabulous new series to watch! 😉

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Math – Intelligence Stick

So, I find that a great portion of my ‘job’ as a radical unschooling parent is to be a major resource, provider, creator of experiences, encourager, etc. I am here to not only navigate through the world for them, but to encourage them to learn how to navigate when they are able, ready and willing. I tend to pick up a ton of resource materials in the process of all of that. Things that I find that think will be of interest to one or more of my kids, or something that may be something that sparks interests that lead to more interests….

blog_mathAs such, I recently came across this Amazon deal called Mathematical Intelligence Sticks. At the time I purchased it, it was less than $5 (I see the price has gone up a bit since I have purchased it). It seemed like a great deal, and now that we have them…. well…. I kinda wish I had saved the $5 and took the kids out for ice cream or something.

I had S(7yrs) and M(5yrs) in mind when I purchased them. They are always into all of the “stuff” I bring around the house. They are the two to scour shelves looking for something new to explore. I figured this would be a fun conceptual way of learning, or at the very least play around with numbers. Let me tell you…. it was truly not a needed item in our home. For one….. kids truly have to know their numbers 100% for these to be of any value. The numbers would be far more useful if they had marks or dots on the back that conceptually helped kids confirm their number knowledge. These are just numbers and sticks. And while I glanced at the deal and thought it would be awesome…. truly they are not. No need to waste the money to purchase them unless (1) your kid is truly already knowledgeable of numbers and their values, and (2) know their math signs.

The box is marked for 3 years and up….. Uhhhmmmm….. No. This box is not intended for anyone other than a fluent reader who knows numbers. I am just as well off playing our other fun games and baking, and shopping with my kids for them to gain their number knowledge than I am with this now wasted $5 box of wood.

Save your moola!

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superheroine shooesDon’t you love my new superherione shooz??? Ha. I posted this pic to Facebook asking for some good jogging juju. I had been having some issues with left hip pain and right new “pain”…. more like discomfort. A homeopathic(s) was recommended to me as well as trying out barefoot running. I had to chuckle at that suggestion, not because I was not all for it. I’d prefer to be barefoot year round if I ever possibly could…. living in Chicago. But rather, my chuckle was over my running route(s). I travel various different directions when I run, but I tell ya, not a single one of them would allow for me to go barefoot and still be walking afterwards. I have five kiddos that count on a great deal of me throughout the day…. sore, torn up feet was not something I was able to even attempt to jeopardize. Another friend suggested Newtons to me. She said that she had purchased them and her hubby Vibrams, and each of them stayed with their choices and love running in them still to this day (few years later). I did a ton of YouTube research and did notice considerably that when I tried very hard to land better on the balls of my feet rather than heels, my pain started to fade and I was doing tons better. I anticipated I would end up purchasing both Vibrams and Newton, however….. Newton seems like the better first step. It would be easier for my feet/body to adapt to, and they were more affordable online. I read dozens and dozens of reviews before ordering so I felt pretty confident ordering. Well…. at least I thought I had. First pair that showed were too small. I was so excited and super bummed all in 5 seconds of opening the box. But fortunately, easy return and they shipped another pair immediately with the return, so I was ready to go this fine morning I posted this pic. I have to say….. I fell in love almost immediately. The friend that suggested them to me hinted that I might feel a wee bit of adjustment in my body from my first few runs. I posted the pic on FB as a joke/plea  for some jogging juju so that I might return in one piece that day (and the few to follow). A friend of my wrote back saying they were “superherione shooz”….. man did that I love that remark! I feel like a superherione every time I don my new shooz and run out the door. I have increased my distance an additional mile now running a good 4+miles a day, at least five to six times a week. These shoes have allowed me to land properly on my joints, and cruz in style. I don’t have any more hip or knee issues, and feel very confident in my stride. If anyone were contemplating going barefoot but were unsure if their terrain would not allow a safe way in doing so, I would also highly (*highly*) recommend Newton. It’s such a comfy shoe and great fit too! OH…. I almost forgot my most important sizing recommendations!!! I have kinda wide feet. Well, a high arch which I feel in turn provides a wide pad. At any rate, even thought I measure 10 inches, I needed to go up at least a half size in shoes…. *PLUS*…. I ordered men’s shoes. I know that men’s tend to run wider and so I sized my foot in that direction, picked out the nicest shoe I liked, and viola! I have the dream running shoes. They are a super great fit and I have no irritations in the feet or joints. (I have even been complimented on my awesome shoes during a run!) A great “next step” on the way to barefoot running in my humble opinion!


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