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Plans…. change

ShareSo…. our intended gypsy year is slowly dwindling. Well, it was obvious that this was likely the outcome once we planned/decided to travel only find out moments later we were pregnant. I think I, out the lot of us, held on the hope that we could still maintain the adventure concept, so perhaps I am adjusting to the changes the most. […]


ShareWe’re back! Did not take long, though was bit of a torture. M has been in real rare form these days, so the tantrums going 70mph down the highway made the 16 hour trek home a wee-bit treacherous. Not to mention my completely swollen tree-trunk-of-legs. The kids were eager…. once we had gotten all of the “to-do’s” done on the […]

Homeward Bound!

ShareSo…… After a whirlwind couple of days, we are homeward bound tomorrow! Much (much!) earlier than I had planned in my head, however, the kids were onboard with the homeward motion and we accomplished all of our planned activities, so we are on our way! I personally give myself and A+ for effort. This mama, as pregnant as I am, […]

Executive Decision

ShareWe have had an amazing week. Our camping spot was perfect. Just a few rainy times here or there, but overall, had a blast. S caught us dinner for two of the nights. Super yum…. and HUGE…. fish. From our camping adventure we headed to Gettysburg to visit the battle ground and cemetery. Quite a unique experience. I was not […]

Eastbound Trip – Part Duo

ShareWell…. We are only part way through part duo truthfully. But it’s going pretty decently thus far. SBJ departed and arrived home safe, though Amtrak seemed to be quite delayed. Bummer on his end. He arrived to warm weather, but from what I gathered, a chilly front swooped in today. The kids and I hit the road yesterday for Sommerset, […]

Eastbound Phase 1

ShareI suppose this trip seems to be boiling down to a 2-3 phase trip. Our first phase….. traveling with SBJ. We left the 18th and headed to UWG. What’s that you ask? The Unschoolers’ Waterpark Gathering. This, I believe, was our 5th year in attendance. We just absolutely love this conference. The kids die for it every single year. It’s […]