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Happy 2019!

ShareWe are ringing in another new year in Albuquerque…. a full year and half of NM life and I have been a total slacker in the blogging department. Our life here is truly incredible! I could not imagine these changes and the impacts they would/could/have/do make on our lives. This coming year, I feel a muse coming on! Watch out! […]


ShareSeems to be the word of the month…. I know it’s been awhile…. I have been recuperating….. regrouping….. and thinking….. a LOT.             Apparently after my last post, and even with my new found outlook on ‘home’-owning…. The universe felt we (namely * I * ) need another swift kick in the a$$. After having […]


ShareToday was a lemon kinda day…… We’ve been on such a high lately it felt like kinda a brief blow. But the most amazing thing came from ‘the blow’ and that was an immediate high!!! Nothin’ is stopping this bucket-list-dream-of-how-life is-supposed-to-be manifest stand in our way. So…. first off let me be perfectly frank and say we are doing this […]

Plans…. change

ShareSo…. our intended gypsy year is slowly dwindling. Well, it was obvious that this was likely the outcome once we planned/decided to travel only find out moments later we were pregnant. I think I, out the lot of us, held on the hope that we could still maintain the adventure concept, so perhaps I am adjusting to the changes the most. […]


ShareWe’re back! Did not take long, though was bit of a torture. M has been in real rare form these days, so the tantrums going 70mph down the highway made the 16 hour trek home a wee-bit treacherous. Not to mention my completely swollen tree-trunk-of-legs. The kids were eager…. once we had gotten all of the “to-do’s” done on the […]

Homeward Bound!

ShareSo…… After a whirlwind couple of days, we are homeward bound tomorrow! Much (much!) earlier than I had planned in my head, however, the kids were onboard with the homeward motion and we accomplished all of our planned activities, so we are on our way! I personally give myself and A+ for effort. This mama, as pregnant as I am, […]