HYSL Fall Season!


Half way through our Spring season and things have been just OH.SO.MUCH.FUN!!! I’m thrilled to have all of the Fall season specifics mapped out! HERE.THEY.ARE!!!

Season will run 9 weeks from Sept. 8th through Nov. 3rd with a tournament every 3rd week.

Tournament dates will be Sept. 22nd, Oct. 13th and Nov. 3rd.


Practices could change slightly (per region) depending on the coaching staff that volunteers for this season. If all of the same coaches return, it will likely be the same date/time as this season’s practices. If it’s new coach(es) it could change slightly.


(ALL) Coaches training will be Saturday, August 25th from 10:30am-12:30pm at LaBagh Woods (where our tournaments are). Coaches training will be for ALL coaches (new and old) to help brand new coaches feel comfortable in their new roles, help returning coaches with new skills, and to share with each other things that had/had not worked well in our last season.


Early Registration (for current HYSL members only) will be May 13th through June 16th. The family membership fee will be $25 for returning families. (Most likely no t-shirt/jersey fee unless a growth spurt has happened or in case of a lost jersey, etc.)


Open Registration (open to HYSL members and non-members) will be June 17th through August 1st. The family membership fee will be $35. Each new team team player will need to also purchase a team shirt for $10 per person. (If your child(ren) currently have the a jersey that works for next season there will be no need to purchase another one.)


Late Registration (open to HYSL members and non-members) will be August 1st through August 25th. The family membership fee will be $45 during late registration.  Each new team team player will need to also purchase a team shirt for $10 per person. (If your child(ren) currently have the a jersey that works for next season there will be no need to purchase another one.)


**** Absolutely NO registration forms will be accepted after August 25th. No acceptions.

Family membership fees: These are non-refundable donations to the growth of the Homeschool Youth Soccer League. All fees are used to improve and grow HYSL with equipment for our kids to play. Please feel certain that your family is able to participate in the league before registering for the season, and be ‘ok’ with the fact that you have donated to HYSL if you need to leave the league for any reason.

Registration forms and instructions will be released on May 13th.

Coaches…. I need to hear back from you asap (or no later than May 9th). I would absolutely love to see you all back for the fall season!!!

 Questions?!?! Please feel free to email the group or me at: mommy@nakitababy.com



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Soccer Galore!

Today marks the first-ever HYSL soccer tournament of the Spring season 2012. It was quite a remarkable day all around. The temps were about 10 degrees colder than anticipated, however the ground was decent (not terribly wet from yesterday’s rain) and LOTS came out for a wonderful day! Field set up took a bit of time which pushed the regional photos back a tad, and the start of games a bit more. However, even with that little tiny glitch everything went off without a hitch! People had a blast! Kids completely enjoyed soccer, coaches enjoyed their roles and seeing their kids out there, parents got involved with referring and coaching. It was an amazing family event and SO pleased I (and my family) could be a part of it all.

I have more pictures than one soccer-mom (or dad) could handle! But…. I just couldn’t help myself and the happiness of it all! Yea! And here’s to an amazing 1st HSYL season!

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Soccer Success!

Some months of build up and today was our season opener! Way back in October or November I had approached the entire homeschooling community (in all of Chicago and surrounding suburbs) about starting a region-wide homeschooling youth soccer league (HYSL it has come to be known). From my original email I had over 60 responses! It was quite an out-pouring that I thought, “well certainly this has some potential!” From there I had put together a yahoo group where interested families could join and get updates on the process of HYSL (membership there is up near 150! Yea!). In January I had called an all-volunteers meeting to wage interest and recruit some fantabulous parent volunteers. I was in need coaches, assistant coaches and team parents. The response from this meeting was very sound and I was excited to see that we could, at a minimum, cover at least the South, Far North and North at that time. Later we acquired a West volunteer as well, so we were up to 4 regions!

Onward and upward to our registration and coaches training. It was announced region-wide that registration was open and forms started spilling in. It was really exciting to see just how many wanted to participate! My initial goals for starting this whole thing were not only the interest of my own children and our family, but to accommodate families with several children wanting to play (scheduling), being affordable to all who wanted to play, AND building homeschooling communities amongst a broader group of people. And when registrations started coming in, it was such a thrill to see that was actually coming to fruition!

Our coaches training hosted 15 individuals all eager to help out in each of their respective regions. It was a thrill to have them all there and to see just how committed parents were to helping me get this off the ground! Without these amazing volunteers, this really wasn’t going anywhere! So for that, I thank THEM tremendously! It was all coming together!!

The final step was to accumulate our membership fees and create my budget for all of our coaching equipment. When all said and done, each region received a first aid kit, flags, cones, scrimmage pinnies, goalie jersey(s) and glove(s) and whistles! Tremendous!

Today was our first practice for most regions. South and North had their practices this AM, while Far North met this afternoon. West starts in the near future. Reports all around, so far, are that people had as much fun as our family did! : ) We truly enjoyed! Our three Chicago North coaches did a fabulous job! I was so excited and thrilled to see them out there on the fields with the kids. (Tons of pic’s below of Chicago North’s practice!) Then SBJ, the kids and I drove on up to Mundelein to help the Far North region get off the ground running. They have some volunteers needing help in getting practices in order and SBJ is helping me help them to get up and running. That too was a fabulous practice! It was great to get to meet all of the families up in that region as well!

I’m so thrilled that this has come together so smoothly. I can’t thank my volunteers enough. I think the major highlight of the day was when my not-so-sporty child said to me, “Mommy…. thank you SO much for starting this soccer league. I had so much fun today.”

I can’t wait for our first region-wide tournament!!!

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HYSL Registration is NOW OPEN!!!

I am so pleased and excited to announce the HYSL opening season! This spring will kick off our first all-region soccer league for kids ages 3 years through teens! To register and play, you *must* be on the yahoo group for HYSL as I will not be able to organize any other way. First go to: http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/HYSL_Midwest/ and join the yahoo group. Then go to the most recent message sent: “Registration is now OPEN!” for directions on how to register for the soccer league. (Registration forms are in the “Files” section of the yahoo group.)
Looking forward to a really fabulous first season! Email me directly with further questions.
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HYSL update

The Homeschool Youth Soccer League that I have been attempting to get off the ground had a parents meeting this evening. I really wanted to get all parents who could volunteer their time to help get this league going to meet face-to-face to really hash out the details and get people in on my vision of how this could pan out and be just oh-so-much-fun for everyone involved! It was a very productive meeting with at least half of the anticipated volunteers. Some great ideas were thrown out to me and I’m just thrilled that committed parents drove from so far away to meet with me. This is going to be so much fun this spring I  can’t wait! What another exciting opportunity to meet new people and build a stronger community. I’m really looking forward to it!


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