HYSL 2013 Spring Registration

Join us next season for our 3rd fun-filled Homeschool Youth Soccer League (HYSL) spring season! After completing the form below and submitting, you can click the paypal button from this website and pay your family membership fee. Thank you! And see you in March!

Season Details:

March 23rd is season opener (1st practice) thought May 18th (last tournament).
Tournament dates: 4/6, 4/27, 5/18
Coaches meeting/training: March 16th, 9am-10am, LaBagh Woods at Foster and Cicero in Chicago
Team Evaluation Date: March 16th from 10am-12pm, LaBagh Woods at Foster and Cicero in Chicago
* Children 9 years and older will attend our HYSL evaluation day on the 16th to be placed on team based on experience and skill level, and not based solely on ages.
* Tournaments will travel this coming season! Each tourament in another region, hosted by that region!!! 1 in the Chicago North region  at LaBagh Woods,  1 in the Chicago South region (t.b.a.), and one in the Far North (t.b.a.).
[contact-form subject=”Nakita Baby HYSL 2013 Spring Registration” to=”mommy@nakitababy.com”] [contact-field label=”Parent\’s Name (1) ” type=”name” required=”true” /] [contact-field label=”Parent\’s Name (2) ” type=”name” required=”true” /] [contact-field label=”Valid Email” type=”email” required=”true” /] [contact-field label=”Mailing Address” type=”textarea” required=”true” /] [contact-field label=”Phone” type=”text” required=”true” /] [contact-field label=”Number of children being registered:” type=”select” required=”true” options=”1 child,2 children,3 children,4 children,5 children,6 children” /] [contact-field label=”Children by name, age and any health/allergy specific information.” type=”textarea” required=”true” /] [contact-field label=”Our family is registering for:” type=”select” required=”true” options=”Chicago North (blue) region meeting 10am-11:30am on Saturdays at LaBagh Woods at Cicero and Foster in Chicago.,Chicago South (yellow) region meeting at 9:30am-10:30am on Saturdays at Park #540 located at 24th Place and State St. in Chicago.,Far North (orange) region meeting at 10:00am-11:00am at Maurice Nolle Park in Mundelein.,I would like to open a new region for HYSL this coming season! Please contact me about doing so.” /] [contact-field label=”I understand that the schedule is as follows: March 23rd is season opener (1st practice) thought May 18th (last tournament). Tournament dates: 4/6, 4/27, and 5/18. Team Evaluation Date, for ages 9 years and older, is March 16th from 10am-12pm, LaBagh Woods. Our family will make every effort to attend each and every scheduled event for HYSL as we are an integral part of the team!” type=”select” required=”true” options=”Yes we sure will!,Nope: we are unable to attend most.” /] [contact-field label=”I understand that our family\’s registration is not complete until I have submitted my forms with my paypal payment. I also understand that beyond February 15, 2013 my family membership becomes a non-refundable donation to HYSL. All memebership dues are used for administrative costs, cost of training HYSL volunteers, as wel as purchase of practice and game materials and equipment for each region in the league.” type=”select” required=”true” options=”Yes; I completely understand that I must pay my family membership fee to complete my registration and it is not-refundable past February 15th, 2013..,No; I do not understand. Please contact me to discuss this further.” /] [contact-field label=”My family membership fee is: ” type=”select” required=”true” options=”$65.00 for registration coming in between February 16th, 2013 and March 15th, 2013.,FREE: I am a volunteer with a signed Volunteer Agreement Form submitted and my family membership is waived for this coming spring season. (I am still responsible for any team shirst needed for your child(ren)… if need be).” /] [contact-field label=”I understand that I need to pay for (each) of my child(ren)\’s team shirts ONLY if they have outgrown, lost or need a new shirt. I am paying by: ” type=”select” required=”true” options=”Including a $12/per child/per shirt paypal payment to my total paypal payment.,I do not need to puchase shirts for this coming spring season.” /] [contact-field label=”Volunteers are what makes HYSL work! Without your help, I am not even able to run such a unique opportunity for our children. Your help is invaluable! Please consider helping out. All training IS provided to anyone willing to learn because they have the desire to help. Please let me know if you are able to help:” type=”select” required=”true” options=”Yes! I can volunteer as a team parent!,Yes! I can volunteer as a coach!,Yes! I can volunteer as an assistant coach!,I am unable to volunteer at this time.” /] [contact-field label=”I have joined the HYSL yahoo group for all league announcements and correspondence. http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/HYSL_Midwest/” type=”checkbox” required=”true” /] [contact-field label=”I have signed, scanned and emailed a copy of the liability waiver to Amy: hysl.midwest@gmail.com. Form is found here: http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/HYSL_Midwest/files/ and labled: HYSL Liability Waiver_Spring 2013″ type=”checkbox” required=”true” /] [contact-field label=”I have filled out this registration form to the best of my ability and have submitted all other necessary paperwork.” type=”checkbox” required=”true” /] [/contact-form]
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HYSL…. Exciting Developments!

Dear Coaches and Families of HYSL,

I have been thinking about the wonderous evolution of HYSL and how to keep us up and running and sustainable for all ages, all skills for much more time to come. Throughout my contemplations, I have come to new idea that I would be looking to implement into HYSL starting next (spring) 2013. I find it necessary to make these announcements now because it will affect the coaching and practicing now, and throughout this current season. And hopefully get coaches, families AND the children excited about the seasons to come!


So, as I look at the growth of HYSL this current season, I found it very hard to break down the older kids as they pertain to age. For some of the kids, they had already done a season with us, but they were being put on a smaller, somewhat different team make up. Likewise, for the older kids who were put on the older teams, along came newer kids who had never played before. When I analyze the league as a whole, I feel that the 3-8 years olds are running just as they should be. They get lots of team building time, and familiarity with the ball and the game. When they get to be about 9 years old and older, more skills, drills and attention to the details of the teams come into play. And it gets to be quite the challenging task for coaches to help out various skill levels on a single team. Those that are return players may feel a bite bored by the pace of practices. And/or players that are brand new to the game may find it very frustrating to be on teams that have a stronger grasp of the game.


So…. next season…. there will be “try outs” for the 9+ years of age child(ren). Any child who is at least 9 years of age or older may try out. And “try out” does NOT mean that you will not make a team. “Try out” refers to “Come on out and see which team you are best suited for”…. so maybe we should simply call it ” Team Evaluation Day” or something to that extent. This is NOT meant to discourage children. It is NOT meant to (at all) have children feel pressure about “making” the team or not. ALL CHILDREN WILL PLAY.


The teams of children ages 9 years of age and up, will be: 1) Beginner 2) Intermediate and 3) Advanced. Each child will make one of these three teams, not based on their ages, but on their skill levels, ability and knowledge of the game.


I feel deeply that this will allow and nuture sustainability for this age group. I am thinking about the 3 year repeat players who will be coming back and ready to advance, while the league is still an “open community” (and will remain so, as that is its sole purpose!) and welcoming brand new players all of the time. I feel that this will allow us to keep this age group thriving, or HYSL could potentially drop to just a “beginners 3-8 year old” kind of league.


I am VERY excited about this idea. And I think that this could work wonderfully for this age group and have all children feel like they are being challenged, supported and growing. I feel this makes the most sense with this age group as many have the skill but the not age, or they have the age but are quite new to the game. So this will be a nice even balance to find everyone the right place for themselves.


Now, the reason I bring this up now is that I would like to have a coaches meeting with ALL REGIONAL coaches on Saturday, Sept 22nd right after the tournament. If you could spend 20-30 minutes with me after the tournament while your family plays or eats their lunches, I would *greatly* appreciate this. I will have a break down of skill levels for each of these teams, and you will be able to work with your kids now and throughout *this* season to prepare them for *next* season. I can answer questions and we can discuss this further at that time.


I am really looking forward to seeing you all at the tournament!!!

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Season Starter


This past weekend the Chicago North region with the Homeschool Youth Soccer League (HYSL) opened up their season with our first practice! It was amazing weather with an amazing turnout to boot. I had a blast coaching my group, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the volunteer parents out on the field with their teams as well. AND…. we declared a winner to our HYSL logo contest as well! HYSL is just a movin’ and shakin’ ! Can’t wait for our first tournament with the other regions!














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HYSL…. what is it?

The Homeschool Youth Soccer League (HYSL) is designed to be a fabulous, convenient, affordable league for all homeschooling families interested in playing soccer. Practices for all ages (3yrs to teenagers) and are held on the same day, time and location so that parents don’t have sports on every day of the week, nor need to be in several places at the same time. Tournaments are a place where teams from regions all over the Chicagoland area (including far suburbs) come together and get to play against each other (see for more details: http://www.nakitababy.com/soccer-galore/). This league is run purely on a volunteer basis, and is always in need of more help, so please consider helping out to help HYSL expand.


Registration is now open for our fall season!


Season will run 9 weeks from Sept. 8th through Nov. 3rd with a tournament every 3rd week.

Tournament dates: Sept. 22nd, Oct. 13th and Nov. 3rd.


Practices could change slightly (per region) depending on the coaching staff that volunteer for this season. If all of the same coaches return, it will likely be the same date/time as this season’s practices. (New regions are yet to be determined.)


(ALL: for new and returning) Coaches training will be Saturday, August 25th from 10:30am-12:30pm at LaBagh Woods (Foster and Cicero, Chicago). I gather with all coaches to run through a training that will help you to understand how to facilitate soccer practices in your region. Questions and concerns are addressed, and skills taught in order for parents to feel comfortable volunteering their time to coach.



Early Registration (for current HYSL members only) was May 13th through June 16th. The family membership fee is $25 for returning families during this time frame.


Open Registration (open to HYSL members and non-members) is June 17th through July 31st. The family membership (family and *not* per child) fee is $35.


Late Registration (open to HYSL members and non-members) is August 1st through August 25th. The family membership (family and *not* per child) fee is $45.


**** Absolutely NO registration forms will be accepted after August 25th. No acceptions.


Family membership fees: These are non-refundable donations to the growth of the Homeschool Youth Soccer League. All fees are used to improve and grow HYSL with equipment for our kids to play. Please feel certain that your family is able to participate in the league before registering for the season, and be ‘ok’ with the fact that you have donated to HYSL if you need to leave the league for any reason.



To learn more about the regions that are already set up and currently running in the fall, you will need to join the yahoo group:
http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/HYSL_Midwest/.  In the “files” section of the yahoo group you will find a fall registration form. Click on that file and find out where the regions are close to where you live. *** All further directions to register are listed on this form.


*** If you find that there aren’t any near to you AND you would be willing to coach a regional team, please contact me. We can add a region based on interest levels!!! There is also, in the files-section of the yahoo group, a form called “Volunteer Agreement Form.” Please fill that out and send that to me and we can get a new region/team started where you are located.


If you have more questions, after reviewing all of the materials in the yahoo group, please email me directly at: mommy@nakitababy.com


Thanks so much!

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