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Childbirth Education – Nakita Baby
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Childbirth Preparation ~ Private Classes

SharePrivate classes are designed to enhance confidence and trust in your ability to give birth, and help you to prepare both physically and emotionally for your birth experience. We will discuss: * Understanding and working with the contraction in labor. * Making informed choices about medical interventions. * Relaxation, pelvic awareness and bodywork. * Nutrition, exercise, and postpartum wellness. * Labor […]

BirthWorks Believes That:

Share* Women’s bodies were designed to give birth. The knowledge about how to give birth already exists inside every woman. * A woman will labor the best wherever she feels the safest and most secure. For some that may be a hospital– for others, it may mean at home or in an alternative birthing center. * The nutrition of a […]

Birth Works International

ShareSo I was perusing Facebook this evening and came across a posting from BWI regarding this little video/commercial regarding BWI and their philosophies. I almost did not stop to watch because I know just what the philosophies are, but I did anyway. I am so impressed with the quality and how well they put it together! It makes me SO […]

Ina May Gaskin on Maternal Mortality Rate

ShareIna May Gaskin on Rising U.S. Maternal Mortality Rate, Midwifery and Home Births soundcloud.com As the controversy over women’s access to contraception continues, Democracy Now! looks at the access to safe, affordable and comfortable birthing options with pioneering midwife Ina May Gaskin, director of the Farm Midwifery Center in Tennessee. Her book is “Birth Matters: A Midwife’s Manifesta.”   http://soundcloud.com/democracy-now/ina-may-gaskin-on-rising-u-s

OH bound and back

ShareWe had an amazing trip to OH! Not much to see in OH, but our events there were a complete thrill. Had a blast at the waterpark connecting with unschoolers from around the country and even Canada, and made-do in Cleveland while I did my BWI training. (Quite an amazing experienc, by the way! I have found home with BWI! […]