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Castle Siege – Nakita Baby
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Castle Siege

K just had his ‘big’ class of the summer. The Orion class he’s been awaiting since the end of Princess Bride in the spring. He spent the morning learning quarterstaff moves and routines, and then the afternoon learning how to storm a castle and do field battle. D even joined in during the afternoon as well and she enjoyed Orion so much she asked if she could do Fall classes with him! That’s saying something! It was a gorgeous lakefront location at Irving Park and Lake Shore Drive called the Waveland Clock Tower. It was amazing. The view, the park, the ‘castle’ (clock tower), and the weather. Wow. All 4 of us came home totally whipped, but it was just a really wonderful day.

Today we had the pleasure of joining in on a tie-dye party. That super fun as well! First time doing it here. Totally reminds me of the experience in TG when during our training we had this wild and completely dynamic trainer who was totally off the top. We all, still do this day, make fun of this experience. But today the kids really got into it, and enjoyed the day a ton. Funny too b/c good ol’ one-track K had been gripping about the party all week. He did not want to go, and by the end was bummed that he did not get through all of the articles we had brought with us! He had a blast. And…. is very excited to see how it turns out. We get to open them up tomorrow and wash the remaining dye out then.

This afternoon was a baby check-up and all is going great. No weight gain this month which was a bit odd to me, but midwife did not seem at all concerned. Measured well, and baby moving great. Blood pressure low and over-all a nice visit. Chatted with Hilary a bit about our supplies list and a home visit. Can’t believe we are in the countdown now! 2 week visits for the next month and then each week! We are in the home-stretch quite literally! Exciting!!!

Tomorrow is a rest day for mama. Need a day before Friday. Plan to make our mega-waffle-marathon, wash out our tie-dye stuff. I think I’ll have a CCAP meeting in the evening, but the day will be laying pretty low and enjoying not having to get out the door so early!!! Friday is the long-long-long awaited Aunt Jess visit. The kids are thrilled and excited. It will be good to see her and have the day with her!

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