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Carpet Disease – Nakita Baby
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Carpet Disease

So yesterday we were supposed to gather with friends for a playdate, but 2 out of 3 of our crew were quite buggary and with in minutes of me debating whether it was wise of us to go or not I get a call from my friend. She’s letting me know that she thinks her youngest has Hand, Foot, Mouth and she’s going to take her to the Dr. that afternoon. So easy decision for us to lay-low.

We cruise over to the library to pick up a few movies on the want lists, and drive through the bank. Very hungary and still needing to get to CVS, we drop into a Boston Market for Mac n’ Cheese and corn bread…. We scoot over to CVS to pick up some chewable Vit. C and head home. On the way I get a call from my friend, “It’s NOT Hand, Foot, Mouth!!!” YEA! Relieved she tells me that it was hives from something she came in contact with. She speculates maybe the shampoo landlord used on the hallway carpets that AM? But who knows…. right? At least it’s not HFM!

So day wears on and we do a bunch around home and I’m getting dinner ready. D comes into the kitchen to ask me “what is it again that Bella has? I can’t remember the name”. I explain the earlier phone call to her and let her know that it’s just an allergic reaction to something and she’s ok.

Again, time wears on…. dinner is just about ready and K and D are sitting at the table. K says something about Bella being sick with HFM, and D says, “NO K, she is NOT sick with that. The doctor told her she has Carpet Disease!!!”

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