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Can’t Believe it’s February Already! – Nakita Baby
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Can’t Believe it’s February Already!

Time has sure flown by! I had a fabulous birthday at the end of last month! I got to sleep in till 9:30am because SBJ just happened to be working late that particular day (thus leaving later in the AM)… the kids made me breakfast in bed! I got the little chip-thingy I wanted for my new phone to be able to hold video, pics and music… had a great day at open gym, and a pizza dinner at my moms, with chocolate cake of course! ; ) My brother sent me Birthday Munch, but says he calls it Crack b/c it’s so good you just can’t stop eatin’ it (I suppose I have to agree, but trying to explain that name to the kids proves a tad difficult!). The day before my b-day Dad took us to Le Peep, my choice b/c I love to get the Harvest Benedict there and only seem to get there if it’s my birthday! ; ) Yum! And then we poked around a bookstore and enjoyed what we could of the BITTERLY cold day.

Other… K’s been doing Fantastic Fridays (including clowning and MacSith classes) and we’ve been regular at open gym, storytimes, weekly library visits, play with friends, and trying to bare the rest of this nasty winter. I am truly sick of winter at this point, and it’s not been easy to tolerate come this time of the season!

I’ve ventured onto Facebook, but have to admit I am quite a rooky. I find it amazing how much time some people spend on there! Not quite sure I get the point of it, but it’s interesting catching up with people…. secretly. Brings new meaning to “fly on a wall”.

Recently, D and I decided to venture into the outdoor skating arena. I am not sure why I have never thought of it before. Maybe b/c it seems to be consistently FREEZING out… but this past weekend it was in the 30’s!! Yea, 30’s and we were excited to be outdoors! Frightening. Anyway, we ventured to some outdoor skating by the lakefront and I figured out how to take a video with my phone/camera! (The trickier part was figuring out how to upload to the computer! ; )

Can you tell how proud we are?!

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