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BWI Birth Experiences – Nakita Baby
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BWI Birth Experiences

Our first labor started slow and lasted nearly 24 hours, however active labor quite honestly, was more like 12 hours when I finally figured out how I needed to really apply that Bradley knowledge in my birthing process! I was successful in sticking my guns on a natural birth in the hospital with an OB. Our OB was supportive in the sense that she’d do as we asked, but she really did not hesitate to let me know she felt I was kind of crazy.

Our baby girl came along two years later with the same OB practice, but different doctor in the hospital. Baby was a back-labor experience for me. I had labored much of the time at home till I felt something was wrong in some way. There was an intensity I kept explaining to nurses when we arrived, and was answered with a “you just don’t remember what it’s like.” Stuck at 7 cm, and not many around me supporting me, they finally figured out she was turned face up. Feeling quite vulnerable, stuck and ultimately paralyzed with pain, I opted to 1st getting a local that did not help me at all. I figured if I could kill some of the pain in my legs, maybe I could get out of bed and help her turn. Not working as I planned, I then had an epidural which was shut off just 10 minutes after it was administered because we were ready to go that quickly. There is just so much that I had learned from that experience, it just cannot be summed up in just this 1 page introduction.

Our next baby (boy) came along in 2008 with a set of midwives in the hospital. I desperately wanted a homebirth with him, but the choices of providers in IL at that time were so slim-to-none, it was painful to forego that decision at pretty much the last minute. However, our midwives were amazing and it really was the next best experience with them in the hospital. It was the most empowering experience up to that point because of the sheer *control* the midwives surrendered to me through that birth process. And just recently, Sept. 2010, we welcomed our final member of our family. Baby girl, was born at home, in the water, with a midwife I cannot even say enough about and will cherish forever. An experience such as this can alter a person and empower them with a strength they never knew existed within. In retrospect, I feel that each birth happened as it needed to create a safe and healthy birth for me and our babies, and yet, I learned and gained so much from each experience that carries me to the next phase in life.

It is my passion to help moms-to-be, being connected to the birthing community, and encouraging women to trust in themselves that has influenced my decision to become a CBE. I hope my experiences can be shared in a fashion that shows I’m here to help and empower and share their journeys with them on the healthiest paths for their families.

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