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BW in the works! – Nakita Baby
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BW in the works!

So today was one of our most busy days of this week…. a day like no other just before a nice lull is hitting. It started with a trip down to Bazelkas Lithuanian Museum for a very nice tour of the place as well as an egg etching class. Now, we had been down to the museum before with G’ma (her heritage and all), so this was our second visit. However, the egg etching was a new exciting event that really turned out to be quite fun with tons of interesting new facts about Lithuanian culture.

Our day started out bright and early at 7am to be able to get out the door by 9am to get down to the museum by 10a. That’s super-duper early for me, personally. Not being much of a morning person at all, it’s rough when trying to accomplish all of this before 10AM!!! But we did a fairly good job leaving at about 9:04am and I was patting myself on the back until…. traffic backed up on LSD. I mean, usually, for us leaving anytime at 9a or later there is NO traffic at all. But of course, today…. nice an packed all the way past the zoo. While being jammed packed on LSD and chatting with the kiddos about a numerous different topics at once, the phone rings. I see on the caller ID that it is a 609# and contemplate hard on whether to answer. I don’t typically like to answer while driving at all unless it’s hubby, and just am not a huge phone person to begin with, so usually avoid lots of calls : )

Any rate, I’m curious, and we are really not moving much at all on LSD, so I answer it. And SOOOOO thrilled that I did!!! It was Birth Works! They were calling to verify my application, saying they were processing it, and getting things moving for me. My official “start date” is May 1st, and they should have all of my materials out to me by/before that date. What’s better, you ask!?!? WELL… I will tell you. They transfer me to another individual who is going through the upcoming workshop dates (keep in mind that aside from the tons of home-study I’m going to do, I do need to attend a 3 day workshop before being ‘official’). So she’s running through dates and I’m slightly panicked because I’m thinking, “how am I going to plan another trip and get this accomplished with 4 kids?!” BUT….. just then she mentions Cleveland, Ohio in MAY!

Now why would that excite me? WELL…. we are going to Sandusky, OH on the 15th for the week of the Unschoolers Waterpark Gathering…. They Cleveland, OH training…. Yep, you guess it, the weekend of the 20th! We can go straight there and tag this onto our already existing trip and I will have had my training complete! The home study will all be up to me, and I’ll be gung-ho and pumped to be hard core and diligent on my home study program! I was SO amazingly thrilled at this¬†start to my day! Ugh, can’t even describe in words!

After sharing the news with SBJ, traffic lightened up and we were on our way again! ; )

Just love that. Rest of our day included the awesome tour and class at the museum, a quick bite at the Subway next door, and trip to IIT for K to start his new computer class. My only bummer was that we did not have enough time to grab some Lithuanian grub while down there. Between the class and getting to IIT to find his new computer class, we did not have much time. I am so thrilled that we made the extra effort to get him into the class b/c seeing him in that collegiate environment gave me goosebumps at just how much he’s really going to learn in the next 6 weeks (well 5 more classes). What he came home with today was phenomenal. He’s super excited about this opportunity and I’m even more-so for him!

Dropping him at IIT, the rest of us headed to CHC gym to join in the fun there. Great to catch up with mama friends while the kids get to connect with their friends as well. It’s so great to have the space to run around too. They so need that at this time of the year when the spring whether absent-mindedly goes on vacation so early on. K went home with friends and we picked him up later on.

Super cool day! Can’ say enough about the shure joy I have over this new venture in motion!

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