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The J-crew has been going through kinda a rough patch as of late. Bullying seems to be poking its nasty little head out in various aspects of our lives, leaving a few of us on edge, sad, and a bit more withdrawn than we would normally be.  I feel that since becoming a mom to these amazing kiddos, I have spent a great deal of time hanging with the people we gel with the most. Spending our time most with the people we love most. So….. I suppose my kiddos, in that sense, have never truly dealt with bullying in any variation. Disagreements, sure. Things needing to be worked out, sure. Learning to see eye-to-eye, sure. But actual sought-ought attempts to bully….. a whole new phenomenon for my crew. Some of it has encroached them in their very own homeschool community. Some of which has been very surprising to me. Others, more recently have been in public spaces where my kids have been minding their own business. Unfortunately there have been so many instances in the last month and half or so that now my kids are a wee-more on edge. (Well I am too for that matter….. can’t make this all about them.) I feel the need or sense to retreat from the world for a bit. It’s not easy being out, enjoying a lovely day on the beach, only to have your kids picked on in the park, and the mom up in my face ready to take a swing. Then proceed to beat the heck out of her kid on top of it. It’s been some wild S%*T going on that makes as all a little less ourselves and way more edgey….. Of course, that’s not going to help matters. We all know that from a perfectly logical, well-thought-out way of thinking…. it’s an entirely different thing to try to let go and presume we can let our guards down. Today was yet another incident in which S attempted to get one of our shovels back from a kid using it in the park at the beach and instead of just giving it to him, they teased him, made him cry, then ran to their daddy sitting in his truck and took the shovel with them…. driving away. Bizzare. Truly. I just said to S…. “you know, it’s not something to feel sad about. Feel sorry for them. If they really needed the stupid $1 shovel from Walmart and needed to behave that badly to steal it….. you should feel very sorry for them.” Of course, when you’re seven, the world is against you if someone steals your shovel. So that likely did not help him tremendously. I just wish I had something better to arm my kids with. I am tired of attempting to find a simple middle ground here. It seems we either end up in the heat of the fire and maybe cause more harm than good, or we have soooo much compassion that it feels like we are being walked all over. It becomes tough to find a happy medium. And yet so desperately needed. It’s troubling to see some of the actions, or reactions to this within the home as they process what they have been through. I have not doubt, and am sure that somehow we will figure it out on this journey together. In the meantime….. we is much a home-body-bunch this summer, just trying to regain a sense of ‘pow’ to enjoy the world with again.

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