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Yes… my next adventure is going to be teaching Bradley Method classes. Really very psyched about the concept as it will lead to the bigger picture as well. I ultimately would love to do Doula work, but seeing as I’m about to have baby 4, this idea is sorta on the back-burner for some time. However, Bradley, something I am passionate about IS something I can do right now and eventually will be added with doula work down the road! (I’d even love to learn ultrasound tech skills to be able to do prenatal screening… something still mulling over… ) I’m thrilled and elated. Both are something I am passionate about and would love to do and share with others. My glitche…. well…. the next Bradly certification is Sept. 23-26th here in Chicago. Yep…. that’s right. When am I due? Some time between Sept. 22-29th! Yeepers.

I did not have much to go on when going for my first prenatal, so their “measuring” technique to predict due date was ultrasound. The first ultrasound measured about Sept. 22nd. Then the 20 week ultrasound measured about Sept. 29th. I think baby has picked up speed in the growth department as of lately, and so I do think we are targeting more like the 22nd, but also quite honestly… could be anytime on after that! So…. here it stands… register for the training and hopes that I’m not in physical labor? Try to get to an out-of-state training before then which would mean hours and hours of driving to a long-distance location with the whole family? Register for a training after due date period and attend with new baby and family in tow? OR…. await a full year more before starting?

I really don’t think the last option is even a possibility. My other option might be to look into teaching “Natural Childbirth” classes, and work on Bradley certification next year. But even that seems a bit harder b/c baby would need more of my time/nursing and that could be even more challenging attending with baby/toddler than with a sleeping newborn.

Somehow these stars will align and I will know what to do next. Fortunately I have friends who have followed this path and teach now, so I do hope they can enlighten me along this journey.

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