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Boredom – Nakita Baby
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The magic button…. right?!

I laugh literally every single time I hear, “I’m booooorrrrrreeeedddddd!”

First… I glance at that child and say, “really? What does that even mean and how is that even possible?” I mean with this radical unschooly life you lead…. the world is truly your oyster at every given second of the day! Boredom? I have never heard of such a word.

But really, in all honesty. I never ever really heard this out of any child’s mouth until more recently. For this I am very thankful. And the use of this term even now in this household is not even as frequent as I hear from other parents as they tell me their tales. But let’s face it…. it (boredom) is merely the verbal description of a mouthful of emotions stirring around inside at that moment that really can’t find a way to emerge just yet. When I break out the traditional, “oh…. I could help you with that” statement and begin my laundry list of ideas to fulfill that period of ‘bordeom’ (including assisting with the never-ending laundry of course), they either (a) seem to figure out very quickly they are not all that bored, or (b) I find out they really just needed a mom-kiddo heart-to-heart. Both of which are truly wonderful outcomes no matter how you look at it.

Boredom they say fosters creativity. Well… I am not sure how that statement rests with me because ‘boredom’ as many of us perceive it is the lack of ideas of something to do, or just the plain lack of something to do… blank mind. I have found, at least in this household, that “boredom” is actually just the complete opposite of that really. There is so much going on, with a complete lack of how to handle it. It is really more about the a very physical, mental and emotional need in that present moment. I mean with five kiddos running around here with a bajillion different ideas, conversations, projects, and creations brewing…. ‘boredom’ is misused term around here. This I feel pretty certain of.

And all that said, I can most definitely jump on board with the notion that the quiet, the stillness, and the empty space can indeed foster a brand new rebirth of creativity…. I don’t feel that “boredom” is my most favorite term to call that period of time. I do wish such a somewhat negative term could be rebranded to represent a more positive, much needed period on all peoples lives. A necessary period of time to discover, ponder, breath and simple be. Without the stillness in our lives the continuum just proceeds to fly right by us and we miss the true magic of what can actually be. We forget to listen. We forget to question. We forget to wonder. We may even forget to enjoy exploration. This much needed space in life needs to be granted a much more beautiful name attached to it…. and that name I believe I will call…..


Yeah…. go on. I just made that up. And I kinda like it. Of course no child in that state will find luxury in whinning…. “Maaaaaaammmmyyyy…. I’m placcciddddoooommmm.” Yea, just doesn’t quite have that same ring to it as the arbitrary ‘bored’ sound does. Besides…. boredom as many perceive is quite an uncomfortable feeling. A new ‘something’ is about to emerge. And new can be scary. Changes… frightening. Quiet…. intimidating. It’s like the eye of a storm really…. the transition before the birth. Boredom seems to describe the uncomfortability of the unknown, the rebirthing, the creative explosion process to a “T.” And all that said… next time I hear that word come flying out of someone’s mouth I will smile and grin the whole way through thinking, “child… you are quite placid…. at peace…. right-exactly-where-you-need-to-be.”

(Ok… maybe I need to work on that word a little more. 🙂 )

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