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Book Brewing – Nakita Baby
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Book Brewing

It’s been quite a busy week and a half. I feel like as I reach the cusp of a dark night, I am finally coming up for air. Last week started our AJ Collective Workshops, and it was such a hit! You would think that with 20-something classes running throughout the day, and a brand new community of people being attracted by the offerings, something would be apt to go wrong. But I tell you… it was a blast. All of the facilitators announced they had a blast in their classes. They learned from the kids and reassessed, and coming back with more fun for next week. The families expressed several times over how excited they were to have this opportunity for their families. I had a *blast* teaching my classes. And nothing disastrous happened! I guess when you truly send it out to the universe, she truly does hear you.

Then we headed into the weekend with our first Homeschool Youth Soccer League (HYSL) practice of the season. Of course, apprehension carried with me a tiny bit because I do have over 80 kids signed up for the Chicago North region alone. However, I was extremely organized and have the best team parent volunteer ever, so I figured again…. send it out to the universe and she shall hear me. We had such a blast! There were only a couple of families who did not make it. The teams were full, the sun was shining and we all had so-much-fun! I’m just so thrilled to see how wonderful HYSL has become… and so quickly.

If that weren’t enough… I started (more) officially as Director of Golden Rule this weekend too! Of course, I’ve been working on it all summer, but this Sunday I was ‘on’. Sunday school was back in session today, after our really fun Back To Sunday School Potluck Party last night, we had everyone back, with even a few new families as well. It was such a nice turn out and really great to have some very positive feedback on the curriculum for the morning. I did realize, however, that teaching during GRSS was one-to-many positions for me to take on. So, I’ll have to work on finding someone to take over the class I was with today. But I was quite pleased with the outcomes in each of the classrooms. It seemed teachers and kids alike enjoyed the morning.

All along this week I kept thinking of different journal passages, and thinking, “wow…. maybe it is time for me to write a book!” I often hear from people those very words, “you really should write a book.” And to be truthful, I never really quite understood why. Then this week, like one of those light-bulb moments people often refer too, I realized just what, how, why I would write about what I would write about. I’m excited about this idea, and think it could be a very honest, comical, ‘open-book’ (literally) of my life.  Of course, it’s going to take a great deal of time as I always seem to have the “bright ideas” when I have absolutely no time to even work on doing them. Go figure. But maybe if I slowly drudge through bit-by-bit I would have a book in a year (or… so… ? ) ?

I’m really looking forward to this week ahead. It feels like we’ve gotten over the hump and it’s all smooth sailing now. Everything’s been proven to be a huge success and now just sit back an truly enjoy it! Yippee!

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