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Bo-Bay for Big S – Nakita Baby
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Bo-Bay for Big S

So yesterday was the Big S’s birthday celebration. It was quite a lovely day. The weather cooperated for our excursion to the kids for kites festival. The AM started with present opening and the afternoon of flying kites. The evening was a perfect little birthday party with G’ma over for pizza and cake. He had a blast the entire day and it was fun for all.

S is quite the little fellow. Talking up a storm and many can’t believe that he’s only 2 years old. He’s extremely active all day long and sleeping quite well at night. He loves just about anything his brother and sister are into. Trains, cars, trucks, motorcycles, babies, strollers, baby carriers, playdough, sword fighting (and playing dead! ; ) , and just about anything anyone has their hands on. He never likes to be left behind. If someone is going somewhere, he must be along for the ride. He is really enjoying his music class with Ms Leah, and enjoys park days with friends. He is among the big-kid group of whatever they have going on and is just in the midst of it all. He’s sweet as can be and pretty darn smart for his age. (If I do say so myself ; ) He is having the typical 2 year old phase of having challenges with sharing and understanding ‘taking turns’. He has this impenetrable piercing screech when it’s not the way he anticipates and expects anyone to succumb to that screech ; ) . Hard not to love it though. Part of that amazing personality that’s “all his own”. We’ve always said that since the day he was born…. this lil’ dude is all his own lil’ man. He’s been a pleasure to be a mama to and looking forward to seeing how his life evolves.

Happy “Bo-bay” Mr. S!

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