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Blizzard 2011 – Nakita Baby
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Blizzard 2011

That’s what it’s coined now. Hopefully there isn’t another this season to throw that off ; )

Ha. But in all seriousness, it was a fabulous storm. The wind, the thunder, the lightening, and of course the snow! One of those spectacular phenomenons that you have the privilege of seeing and not feeling due the warmth and security of your own home. I feel for those who did not have the same! For those that were stranded on Lake Shore Drive when it was shut down! For those (like my hubby) who had to drag their butt out into the mess to get to work! Yipes. Yes, me… I had the luxury of taking in the storm in all of its glory through the window pains of our cozy home. And then…. the joy of playing in it with the kiddos when it was all over. We built a super fun snow fort/castle, complete with 2 tunnels and 2 couches : )

Digging the car out for the city plows was not even as horrific as I thought it might be. I was able to dig the bare minimal out and throw that Kia into 4-wheel drive and hit the ground running. Perfect. Stroll back home in the wintry night before the negative numbered windshields come to haunt us tomorrow. Yep, they are now threatening to be -20 to -30 in the winds, and that’s enough for me to stay home and make waffles! ; )

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