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You know we have had a perfect end to a beautiful week. We had gorgeous weather Thursday for park day and after the last trip to gymnastics and after quick grocery run, we even made it out to our first full moon jam of the season. We had missed last month’s due to complete exhaustion among the majority of us, and this time we made it out there for a bit. I always love a good jam, and especially love when we can actually view the incredible, large, full moon come up over that lake. It’s breath-taking.

Friday K and I had a ploy that we were going to game club while D and S hung with SBJ at home. But what we really did was head to the stores to b-day shop for Big D as her 6th b-day is just around the bend here. It was super fun to be on a secret mission with K, that is, after he got over his grippiness about not buying anything for himself while we were out. He had a rough start, but it did end on a very positive note, and he even enjoyed picking things out for his lil’ sis’. Quite sweet. We had planned on getting to NUG’s beach day, but by the time we returned home and downed some lunch it was well after 2pm, so we headed to an Evanston beach to at least enjoy some beach time during the amazing afternoon sunshine. Just perfect.

Today I took D out with S to pick out/up her b-day balloons. It’s a fun little tradition that we have developed over the b-days past, that they get to go pick out their own helium balloon stash to enjoy at home. So that was our fun for the early day. Later we had contemplated heading fishing but I don’t know that everyone had enough energy for that, so we headed to a park in Morton Grove we had not been to for some time. One the kids really really enjoy and had not been to for some time. Worked out fabulously for me b/c I had wanted to swing by this phone repair shop I spotted on Oakton to get my phone a desperately needed new battery. I don’t really know how it happened, but S fell asleep in the car sitting in front of the store! No car in motion, and no music on even…. just passed out. : ) So at the park SBJ got to trek around with the kiddos while I hung with the sleeping S in the blissful shade. The weather was just amazing today.

After homemade tacos for dinner we all cuddled up on the couch for a family film night. I just love those as well… What fun, cuddlin’ up and watchin’ Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. Of course the kicker for the kids was the special ice cream sundaes I concocted before the film started : )

And during these past few days or more… I have had this overwhelming gratitude. I mean what an amazing blessing to not only be home with my kiddos, but that my kiddos are able to be home with each other! This phenomena has truly shown it’s colors this week in more ways than maybe I can recount. But what I do know for certain is their relationships with each other are far better now than mine are with my brothers as grown adults. Of course, they obviously have their moments when they don’t care for each other all that much, get frustrated, jealous or the like. But…. and the BIG but here, is that they have so much more time to work through those moments and so much MORE time to truly enjoy and love on each other. Their mutual respect for each other sometimes brings happy tears to my eyes. When I see K say, “hey let’s play this game.” And D says, “yes! I want to be ‘x’ person in the game.” And K says, “Yea, ok, and S…. who do you want to be?” And S mumbles something past his ‘geegee’ (pacifier) and they just totally know exactly what he is saying, respect his choices, and help him dress up as that character. Ugh…. I just love that. Makes me melt inside and out and cherish this homeschooling journey even more. For without that time they have together, K and D would not even have a relationship with S due to him being so much younger, and they certainly would not respect him as a true individual either. Their relationships are beautiful beyond words, and it is a blessing to be on this journey with them.

Only other ‘big’ thing I’ll note today is that my belly is actually moving now! : ) Isn’t that the best? I’ve been feeling baby for quite some time, but now baby is big enough that my belly will move and the kids can experience it as well. Of course everytime I call them to see or feel baby, baby stops moving. However one day recently S was laying on my belly and was kicked in the head, literally. He really seemed to have felt it b/c he lifted his head and looked at me funny. SO MUCH FUN!

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