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Yep, my mind is drawing a blank today. Trying to keep up and keep the blog-juices flowing, but I’m am truly blank. Hmmm….. well I suppose I could mention Mother’s Day for starters. It was quite lovely and just perfect. You know, I really feel like everyday is mother’s day, and so these types of holidays seem a little ridiculous to me really. But the kiddos drew some super cool pix for me that I have plastered to the wall of my “office” (corner of one room : ) And SBJ picked up a rose and M&M’s (latest baby-craving! ; ) . So, I was really quite content with that, and feel like there is so few times a year that I feel unappreciated (namely due to my own gripey-ness) that they really did not need to do much of anything. I ran out that afternoon to drop in on mom. She was just on her way out and D, S and I caught her for just a few minutes. It was a short little visit. I cooked that evening. We had yummy split pea soup and homemade bread in the breadmaker.

This week has been been somewhat of a blur. Maybe b/c I’m recovering from sleeplessness. S got a cold late last week that lasted through the weekend, but left pretty quickly. Then K came down with it, and unfortunately missed his long-awaited canoeing at science class this week. He was up the night before claiming his throat was feeling closed and he just was not sleeping. When I stopped in to see if they were still boating in the rain, I was so disappointed that it went ahead b/c just a day longer he would have been fine to join in. When I returned home he did seem to have a low-grade fever and was still coughing, so I suppose best call made. And eventually the drizzle seemed to seize for some time, so I am sure they had a great time. K was so mad at me that afternoon. I felt horrible, but realistically, he would have felt worse when he got home and all of those mama’s would have liked to whoop my butt for sending him on boats with their kiddos ; ) Oh, such is life.

K’s finally on the mends, and S totally fine. D has gymnastics twice this week, Girl Scouts, and her first playdate on her own, in a new home, where she drove to their house in their car! Man I was on edge that whole day. I had not been in that boat before. K has never been that adventurous before and so this was a whole new one for me. She was totally fine and didn’t even want to come home ; ) She had a real blast and it was just amazing to see her that independent.

SBJ has had a promising interview and hopefully that pans out to be something exciting for him. Still keeping the search going till something is actually offered, and he’s busy at the online degree. He’s been been doing fabulous, top of his class! He seems really excited and happy about this new development in life.

I’ve been feeling baby quite a bit lately. Lot’s and lot’s. Reminds me a lot of D’s pregnancy. But I still feel it’s a boy…. we shall see. I just can’t believe we are reaching the 6 month mark already. I have felt some major growth though, this week in particluar. Well there have been these sporatic moments where I feel not much is going on, and then some days I feel like I’m growing drastically in the moment. Today seems to be one of those days! Time has flown by and I’m sad that this is the end of the baby bearing years, but also very excited about the next stage of life with the amazing kiddos.

Our garden seems to be close to submerged. Good that it’s rained a lot lately, but a little scared that if it doesn’t stop we will have dead seeds! G’pa sent a pic over showing us that the ditches between the beds have quite a bit of water in them! I hope it dries out a bit in the next few days. We plan to stop over there this weekend to check in on things. It would be exciting to see something sprout from the ground!

Two more weeks of classes, and frankly, I am so excited for the end it’s ridiculous. I probably should not be this eager, but really I am looking forward to a summer of leisure and enjoying the sunshine with the kiddos. I am feeling the nesting bug kick in again and have my wheels churning with how we will reorganize, just a bit. Mostly I need to purge a lot of stuff and I think if we host a garage/yard sale some time in June. There is enough here to get rid of, just to invite more into the house. But I have seen that much of what is here is just not as exciting anymore and it’s time to do a major overhaul and enjoy some new things. Best way to fund that is sell what we’re not using! So now is the time. Also eager to adjust a few things for the arrival of baby. Making space, digging out baby clothes, adjusting beds, and moving things around to have a ‘home base’ area in the home for our homebirth!

K’s been on this kick of watching home movies lately and Mother’s Day, acutally, he had Shea’s birth on. It was so exciting to watch again, but as I watched it I could not help feeling so excited, blessed, thrilled …. more…. that we were having a homebirth. So much about the hospital experience avoided at home, and I am just so so happy to be able to have this last baby here in our home!

Alright, so my mind was not as blank as I thought. Lot’s going on as usual!

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