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BirthWorks Believes That: – Nakita Baby
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BirthWorks Believes That:

* Women’s bodies were designed to give birth. The knowledge about how to give birth already exists inside every woman.

* A woman will labor the best wherever she feels the safest and most secure. For some that may be a hospital– for others, it may mean at home or in an alternative birthing center.

* The nutrition of a pregnant woman has a great impact on the health of her baby from its life as a fetus through adulthood.

* Breast milk provides optimum nutrition for the newborn baby.

* Birth is one of the greatest challenges life has to offer. It provides an opportunity for personal growth for all involved.

* While a cesarean section may be necessary at times, the current rate is too high.

* In most cases, VBAC is a safer alternative to routine, repeat cesarean.

* BirthWorks is a process, not a method.

* BirthWorks seeks to facilitate a woman’s or a couple’s personal process in childbearing, not to impart a preconceived method of labor and birth. There is not one right way to give birth.

* Each birth is unique.

* A woman in labor deserves an environment in which her privacy, autonomy, and emotional security are protected, and her mobility is encouraged.

* Expectant parents should have access to information they need about obstetrical procedures.

*They should participate in decisions regarding the judicious use of obstetrical medications and procedures.

* The emotions of a birthing woman have profound effects on the birth outcome. Women must be allowed to express all their birth-related feelings.

* The practice of Human Values builds character and instills confidence in birth and life.

* Love is the foundation upon which positive birthing begins. One must have love of oneself before being able to love others.




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