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Birthday – Nakita Baby
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Wrapping up the spring birthday season with Ms D turning 7 years old this past Tuesday! She always says its just not fair that her birthday is “last”. Why is it that she is older than S and yet her birthday is after his?!? I mean, come on, makes perfect sense to me.

Had a really really fun day. She requested going out to Nickel City. We invited G’pa along and had some fun winning a bunch of tickets. My favorite…. Deal or No Deal where I beat the game by winning 57 tickets (going for 100 grand prize, and there were 15 in my case : ) By the end of the TWO hour span of popping nickels into machines, we figured we were some tickets short. The boys both wanted these nija swords that were 500 tickets each. Yipes! K was at about 417-ish if I remember right, and S was at 347-ish. We knew if one got one and the other didn’t, we’d have trouble. So SBJ and I kept popping coins into games to make up the differences in tickets needed : ) It was loads of fun. D had over 600 tix and she just spent away on a bunch of little stuff, including her favorite candy bar, Hershey’s plain milk chocolate.

After spending every last nickel we headed to G’pa’s. D had requested Oriental Salad and Lemon Cake for her b-day dinner. I was quite surprised she did not want to go out for dinner! But it was such the perfect day and venue choice. I made the salad and cake ahead of time, and we swung by a Dominoes for a pizza and bread sticks, and headed to G’pa’s back porch. Had a wonderful picnic outside and enjoyed the sun setting and perfect temp.

She made out like a bandit in terms of gifts. I believe she received just about everything she requested and was just elated and excited. She had so much fun. I recall remarking that this was the first birthday without drama. She’s always had a rough time with her birthdays, and meltdowns were sure to occur. But this one, it was such a fun and awesome day. She was so happy and thankful for every little thing. It was just loads and loads of fun!

I just can’t get over that my lil’ girl is already 7 years old!!! ; )

The rest of the pix are from recent outings, including The Grove, beach, etc. Summer is finally starting… though the weather quite unreliable. Yesterday was barely 60 and today close to 90. That can be a challenge as you still can’t count on warmth. But it’s so great to be outdoors more and enjoying the sunshine!

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