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Birthday Amidst

It’s been a very busy busy week. Not only were there some classes ending while others were starting up, but we all in varying degrees were battling some cold-thing going on. Hit some of us a lot harder than others, and trying to keep up with life while so much was going on…. well, ya know.

K and D both wrapped up sessions with EDGE theater and had a blast. They each had their little performances and it was really fun to see what they had been working on all session! D started up a double-day-o-week art class with Emily for the month of March, on top of a clay class with Joyce. She’s thrilled to be doing both! She has longed to get her fingers back in some clay for quite some time and the projects she’s working on with Emily are just fabulous.

K is about to start up an amazing opportunity class at IIT doing computer animation and game building. I’m excited for him to learn some new skills with something he cares about so deeply. Should prove to be quite the experience. On top of that, he’ll be starting up a tween club experience based off the show Fetch on PBS. As part of this new class/group, we are currently reading Savvy by Ingrid Law and that’s been an interesting change from the Harry Potter marathon we’ve been on! ; )

S is getting his own class coming up soon in April. He is so thrilled. I made the mistake of mentioning that he’d have his own class a few weeks back, and at that time I had not even registered him yet. He cried the whole day that he needed to go to his class “right now!!!” I called 1st thing to be sure he was even IN the class before ever mentioning that again! And really…. haven’t talked about it at all till maybe a couple days before ; )

M is about 6 months old (end of this week)! I am just awe-stricken at how much time has gone by and how much of a little person is emerging from this lil’ appendage I’ve had for oh-so-long. I just don’t know what emotions will swoon over me when she actually starts moving and is literally moving away from me in independence! Yipes.

Work has been pretty quiet lately b/c of the sheer slowness in arrivals during this season. That’s typical, and really kind of enjoying the fact that I only have au pair meetings once a month, and family contact in addition. This month we met at the zoo and I sent the au pairs on a mini scavenger hunt for a little prize (a chocolate Easter bunny ; ) It was fun because I brought the kids down there with me and the weather was chilly, but not too bad. It was quite nice, and certainly not over-crowded. We had not been in so long, so it made for a really fun day. This was just after I had a quicky mastitis infection that caused quite a flu-y feel. My fever had broke and I was back on my feet and a day in the fresh air was just what I needed to feel like I had returned to life again.

So today was the BIG birthday. Not only a massive celebration that our lil’ man is now 9 years old, but also…. the day we became parents. I remember most of it ; ) like it was just yesterday. Going into labor on a Sunday morning around 10a, but clearly not realizing that (or if) this really labor. Contractions were so sporadic, and stayed that way for the majority of the day. I think I was too scared to do much of anything to a) realize that this was truly it, and b) was this going to get worse than what it was? (would I be able to handle this??!!). It was at some point during the day that I called my mother who so eloquently said, “you’d better hope this is not false labor!” Ugh… just what you want to hear when you are in that situation, right? I swore that it was not false and put on my shoes and said to SBJ, “We’re going for a walk!” Sure enough, that evening about 7-8p, in the drizzling rain, not even a 1/2 block from home, I began having steady and intense 5 min/apart contractions. I foolishly thought we should go home and “try to get some rest”…. yep… a little backwards. Wasted the day worrying about it instead of resting, and here I was thinking ‘now’ I was going to rest!? Ha. Took a shower, at least, but that seemed to intensive things and it wasn’t much later than midnight that we headed to the hospital. I remember thinking the Dr. was completely off her rocker telling me that I was only 5cm dilated, and thinking, “seriously? How am I going to make this through?!” Somehow we did it. That whopping 9lbs. 10 oz bundle of pure love-pudge graced us at 9:00a that Monday morning, making us parents forever.

And I tell ya, that love-pudge never stopped growing! I just bought my boy a size 7 MEN’S shoe!!! Yippers I just can’t get over that one!

What a nice b-day too! He had MonsterQuest class this AM and we had baked and decorated dozens of cupcakes to bring along. So he shared his day with some of his friends while in class. We headed to his choice of Nickel City in Northbrook where they burned through several (SEVERAL) nickels ; ) But we all had a BLAST! (With Grandpa too!) And a full dinner at Sweet Tomatoes, one of his fav’s. He scored big-time on the b-day presents and got pretty much everything he wanted and then-some. And really, it was just a perfect day all-around.

Weather has been just amazing lately. Spring feels like it is definitely springing on us. Daylight savings has helped that along tremendously, and (knock-on-wood) this time around did not seem to affect everyone nearly has hard as it did the last time around. Go figure too, because we lost an hour! But everyone seems to be doing pretty well, and we are all eager to be outdoors a LOT for the next SEVERAL months!

Looking forward to a very quiet and peaceful Saturday tomorrow, and a Sunday of me hosting a mama’s tea at our home, while SBJ and kids get going to see a movie in the theater. I’m curious what they will be seeing and will miss not going along with them. But how special it is for them to have that time that they pretty much never to have otherwise! They will have a blast!

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