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Big D

So I just had to post this as well tonight b/c she just totally cracks me up. She’s totally clingy to me in absolutely most things we do, but this past weekend I had an au pair meeting at the Ev. Police Department. Four times a year I need to do safety training classes with the au pairs and this year the kind Officer Russ was taking care of the training for me AND giving everyone a tour of the station. So cool…. right?
So Miss D really just wanted to go with me so badly. I think it had to do with a morbid obsession about what really happens at the police station…. It probably comes from my repeated statements that someone’s going to think something is desperately wrong with her ( in her high-pitched freak-out moments where nothing soothes her) and they will call the police to come check on her! ; ) Not trying to freak her out, but honestly… sometimes I am just totally sure that I will see a squad car pull up in front of our building b/c the neighbors think I am torchering this child!
Anyway, I totally promised her she could go to this meeting with me and last weekend it finally arrived. I had never seen her so totally outgoing, it was a bit scary! ; ) I kept invisioning her growing up to be a cop…. Officer D….
So, we totally had a blast…. loved it. Check her out;

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