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Beauty and the Beast

My precious D had one of those days where there were just so many milestones in a given 24 hour span that you wonder how the slight meltdown before bed was all that incurred and just how she made it through this amazing and stimulating day all in one piece?! ; ) We woke nice and early for our last day of our winter session at AJCW. It was a full day of a full-on blast! The kicker was our end-o-science class session on frog dissection. They got to scope out a frog and learn and apply a bunch of the life sciences we had studied prior to this class. During AJCW she lost a tooth! A BIG one. I’d hate to call it molar, but I think that’s what it is actually called…. the second beyond that canine tooth? Yep. She wiggled that thing to death and it just had to go or she may have run into a wall trying. Of course, what ensued was near-tears and upset over the bleeding she had for about 2 minutes after. And then if that day was not enough, we’d return to EHS for her to perform in her first-ever theater performance. Not only acting…. but a MUSICAL to boot! She did fabulously I must say. She got her cues perfectly and we could hear her lines. She was the best hat seller that ever could be. She was on cloud nine till about 10 seconds before her head hit the pillow. What a great day for our big D. She’s an amazing young lady.

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