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Beautiful Weekend – Nakita Baby
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Beautiful Weekend














We one of those uber fun weekends. We often are hermits on the weekend. We enjoy hibernating while the rest of the world is enjoying their time off from work and school, and then we emerge as they all return to their daily grind. This past weekend however we had many fun things to celebrate, and we never ever say no to celebrating! Friday night the kids had their usual Friday night party. They are on a monthly rotation now, so the turnouts have been super fun. Since it was so close to Halloween, they did put a slight Halloween-y twist to the party by decorating, encouraging costumes and playing a super scary movie (of which we heard many screetches from the other room)! Not too many costumes appeared, but they did have a super fun blast regardless.

Saturday night D was invited to a birthday and I was asked to do henna for the party as well. I just love getting to do that, and the girls all picked out some super fun designs. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sunday we had yet another party to celebrate. A close friend turning 11 years old hosted a fun gathering complete with pumpkin carving! We typically get lazy about the pumpkin carving at our house because the forced radiator heat in our place wilts those poor things within minutes in our place. But since we had proposed right before us how could we say no? It was super fun. Of course the kids love it and I realize I need to stop being a wimp about wilty pumpkins 🙂

After such an amazing weekend, we rounded out our Sunday night with family movie night. Picked up Cinderella from Redbox and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was really pretty well done. Glad I did not bother to pay for a theater showing, but Redbox prices were spot on.

Today I got all homemakery on my own self. I have been meaning to get at those piles of apples and do some apple butter. A friend leant me a dehydrator just in the nick of time….. I got the butter going in the crock pot and then took the peels and whipped up some stuff to try my hand at fruit leather making. I’ll have to keep you posted on the outcome of that because the dehydrator is still humming in the kitchen. I am under the impression it’s a very lengthy process, but hopefully ready before we need to leave the house tomorrow. I’m so super curious about a) what this all turns out to be/look like/taste like, and b) if I did any part of it correctly!

This week is a whirlwind week of tech for S and K’s show. S is performing in a Three Musketeers’ show while K is the stage manager! Both trying their hands at something new and both equally excited. Should be super wonderful week for all!

Hope yours is just as exciting! Enjoy.


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