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Beach Bum – Nakita Baby
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Beach Bum

That about sums up my week this week. I’m still not fully returned from vacation and thoroughly enjoying as much beach as possible this summer. My plan to revamp the house and do a major purge has not lifted from the ground yet. In fact, I have done a lot of nothing. I started in the office and once I did S’s dresser I was done. Momentum gone. I then did the bedroom and K’s dresser, but not enough to even get into the closet in there. That closet, somehow, has been filled to capacity. And while in my head I have a place for every thing I see in this place, the view from my butt cave (my official name for my favorite spot on the couch) is far more comfortable a spot. I wonder if I will the stuff to go where I want it to if it will just so happen to listen? Yea, I suppose not, but one could hope. On a far more productive note…. HYSL season will run in a newly revamp fashion. A 6-week Scrimmage Season and I’m psyched that the decision is made, registration is nearly complete and the idea seems to be going over well. I also met with a few people about getting my BWI classes going! I’m pretty psyched about that as in one place I will be able to truly do some community work, and in the other (2) I will get to collaborate with like-minded soles who will be a pleasure to work with and in exchange for services. I see a beautiful thing starting there.

Tomorrow. Yes tomorrow. I will (kind of) promise to tackle the mess I have started. I swear I will not succumb to the calling of my butt cave. But I will likely enjoy a lovely afternoon nap because I deserve it from all of the work I am willing…. eh’hm….  intending to happen tomorrow. (Wish me luck.)


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