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So today I did something totally exciting…..
I attended a small business affairs expo hosted by the City of Chicago. I have big ideas and big plans that I am uber-super-duper-scooper excited about. And as I began my research on my newest endeavor a few weeks back I came across this free expo that was just amazingly timely, informative and man…. just plain exciting to be there in my grasp at the time I needed it most!

As much as I am seasoned at getting things organized and running, I am not-so-much when it comes to opening up my own non-for-profit business! Today I ventured out (and actually made it there on time) for the keynote speaker. I’m excited to hit the information booths, and of course…. they are start late. I see this big burly of a man strolling around with cameras following him and lights glaring. I’m thinking, “who does this dude think he is keeping us waiting? He seems to think he’s the president.” I’m grumbling, checking emails, looking on FB…. as he strolls around the front of the room and it seems like things might actually get moving, I see people begin to take photos and such. I think to myself, “man…. I must be WAY behind the times if I have no clue who this dude is.” And just as that thought crosses my mind I see Mayor Rahm Emanuel walking right behind him, shaking hands, greeting folks…. thanking them for being there. I then realize, “OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH……. THIS is what’s been going on.” Big grin crosses my face.

Any rate…. the event gets kicked off with Sir Rahm’s speech to the group and then the keynote speaker…. both of which were pretty inspiring and I appreciated their time and efforts. I was thrilled to hit the expo though and made some excellent contacts! The Women’s Business Development Center, the NFP info collected (including free law assistance!), SCORE where I’ll ‘score’ a personal mentor! and free business education workshops…. There’s more I’m sure. This is what’s hitting me late a night as I think about what an amazing day I had. I was fueled. Even spotted a vacant building on the way home that really fueled the fire even more!

Whoop! Watch out world…. mama’s mind is exploding!




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