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Big D joined the ranks of AYSO this year! Brings back memories for sure! Wow…. what a trip to be on the side lines as mom though. So, she suddenly showed an interest and I had been trying to remember there were deadlines to registering for this organization. I just could not get with the program to get her in the Evanston league, but Rogers Park was willing to take her in open heartily. She seems to have landed on a really nice team. Coach and assistant are super nice, as are their families. The kids all varied skill levels. She’s among a few that have never played before. SBJ has been ignited to teach her a few things! He’s really been fueled by this experience this past week. She had her first practice Tuesday, and first game today. Coaches didn’t have her uniform yet, but she played along regardless…. phew. She was stressing about not having the right uniform. But she was not the only one, so she quickly got over that when the game got underway.

She ran her little heart out. It was quite warmer than we expected, and yet she did great. Only once or twice kicked the wrong way, but quick recoveries. She never hesitated to go after the ball and try to stop the opposing team…. Even had a throw in… super cool. She really did awesome for having not much direction on offense, defense and a full comprehension of the game! : ) She really was just winging it and loving it. Coach said to SBJ, “haven’t you played with her yet???” : ) Sure put SBJ on the mark as proud papa! Too funny.

But to his credit…. D’s been absorbed in other stuff with no interest in the sport till now. So now that she too seems fueled, I am sure they will both have a real blast with this new endeavor! It will be something awesome for them to share together, and I, as proud mama on the sidelines will proudly neglect to mention that I’ve played for over 10 years myself ; )

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