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Radical Unschooling

ShareRadical unschooling and what it means to me….    We have been radically unschooling since 2002. The year my oldest made me a mama, I found myself on a very deep and meaningful path. Not one I had intended that is for sure. When he emerged into the world, my entire universe had shifted on its access and all I […]


ShareNearly two years since my last post…. It is feeling a little epic to return. I reminisce about what these (nearly) two years has been going on for me and the kids. Aside from the obvious…. March 2020 we were requested, or rather sequestered, to a worldwide Covid-19 pandemic/quarantine. A lingering experience we are still living through today, however the […]


ShareThis pic got me so triggered today….. Per my usual schedule…. I have a few Facebook and Instagram accounts I manage marketing for. This weekend was my weekend to work on my personal (work) accounts, verses that of a client. During the course of the month, leading up to my scheduled posting date, I save memes that inspire me, trigger […]


ShareThe magic button…. right?! I laugh literally every single time I hear, “I’m booooorrrrrreeeedddddd!” First… I glance at that child and say, “really? What does that even mean and how is that even possible?” I mean with this radical unschooly life you lead…. the world is truly your oyster at every given second of the day! Boredom? I have never […]


Share“If your dreams don’t scare you they are not big enough!” I read this quote today and it truly inspired me. I have been feeling an increased amount of trepidation because my dreams this past month or so have busted open the seams! I’m excited, nervous, bursting, and flustered all at the same time. Trying to keep those to-do lists […]


ShareThis is such a fascinating topic to me. I know so many families who do this and do this successfully. We were of the nomadic species for quite some time. I do somewhat term ourselves nomadic by nature. There is very little part of this world we would not explore, and for any good-to-us reason will do as well. We […]