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Au Pair Gripe – Nakita Baby
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Au Pair Gripe

Ok, I really have just about had it with these au pair meetings! I am just not sure how/what to do at this point. I have planned some really cool events and I’m kinda sick of being treated like dirt by a massive amount of international au pairs. I mean, really….  here’s my for-instance that happened today that really just kinda pushed me over the edge. Last month, we all met at the Custer Street Fair and I thought they’d really enjoy the festival, the artists and performers. 90% (or more) of them left and did not seem to really experience the fair at all. During that meeting I asked each of them what kind of meetings they would enjoy having, especially through the summer. Several of them did not respond but to say they enjoyed the events and anything would be fun. And then a good portion of them said that going to the beach would be really fun.

So, sure enough, I take that idea and run with it this month. I choose a beach that everyone can get to really easily, and for free. I did not want them to have to pay much at all (other than parking or the train). I dug out some fun sporting equipment from the storage, including the badmitten, volleyball, soccer ball, beach tennis, horse shoes, etc. I had it all pretty much. Brought extra blankets and saved space for the entire group. People start showing up and I try to psyche them up to play some games. One or two would want to, but then a couple other would complain about something. Some complained about hunger or being tired and tried to convince others to leave. What a huge bummer. Others would show up and wonder where the others had disappeared too, so they did not end up staying long either. Literally, out of 30 au pairs only 2 really stayed and enjoyed the beach with me. They played a bit of volleyball, enjoyed the weather, the water, took fun pictures of themselves. That was sweet to see. It was just so disappointing to have the rest of the group treat the meeting time like this, and…. me really.

Bummer. I could rant on, but really why bother. It is what it is, I need to separate from that. The highlight was that the family did come with me and we had a really lovely afternoon at the beach despite. I am thrilled that they did too b/c otherwise I would have been sitting there pretty lonely and mad. So at the very least we had a lovely Sunday afternoon together!

Busy weekends like this make me look forward to Mondays ; )  Yesterday we dropped in at the Ethnic Arts Festival. We always enjoy that one. It was quite warm though…. as it has been the entire week. The heat is physically draining and makes activities somewhat less enjoyable with so much effort needed… unless, of course, we can incorporate water! But certainly not complaining b/c it’ll be just a few short months that we wish we had this heat again! I’d rather have this weather than the cold anytime. And not to mention the SUNSHINE! I am so thrilled to be able to absorb so much natural Vit D, it’s been so healthy for all of us! Playing hard and sleeping great!

Anyway… yes, Monday is welcomed this time around. Looking forward to some fun stuff this week, but not too much to overwhelm (me) ! I’m getting quite a bit larger and much slower ; )  So at that point where I enjoy a little more home-time, or down time on a beach ain’t so bad either!

Time for me to turn in…. and inevitable grow some more!

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