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As in “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Yep…. having one of those moments today. I had always noticed this of me and K in this one special respect. I have to say, in ALL other regards he is the spitting image of his father. I often wonder if cloning was involved ; ) But there is one personality trait of K that I identify with so deeply and today even hit me more so.

So let me back track. I am a lover of documentaries. I watch the one that many know about; Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It was a pretty powerful doc’ that I was truly intrigued about. So much so that I wanted to go out and buy a juicer and put myself on a juice reboot for at least a week or two and then see how it goes from there. But anyway, I had given it some time b/c I know this about myself…. I get an idea, want to do it “now” and then loose interest. But this one stuck with me and I really wanted to give it a go. I figured even if I did not do a reboot I’d at least juice for a meal here and there. But really, my goal was to full-juice fast for a good 10 days.

Well, purchased the juicer and having a blast with it. The kids love it. SBJ loves it. Everyone loving it. I declare, “tomorrow I start my juicing reboot,” and off I go. Well, I started well. I enjoyed breakfast, I even enjoyed my lunch juice…. however…. it did not take more than the kids eating some super-duper yums for me to just cave to starvation! I had prepared this super-yum lunch for them. Saute’d some bell peppers and onions with sweet sauce and they were eating them on flat pitas. So yummy. And I was getting super-hungry. I suppose it was not the best idea to think I could start a juice-deal while being out and about ALL day long teaching classes! I probably should have thought that one through. But I also bummed that I had caved. Is it that I am just so weak to with stand?! Is it that nursing just makes me more famished than the typical being? Is it that I just made excuses to cave? ; )

Whatever the deal…. I saw myself deeply today w/in my oldest. K has this tendencies to fall passionately in love with ideas and wants to do them “now.” Right now. Not later-now. Right now. He reminds me of me and really love that of him. Sometimes, of course, it’s harder to deal with b/c it’s someone else’s “right-now,” but I get that about him and love that he finds many things passionately interesting. He is open to most experiences and wants to delve deeply into those things he does find interesting.

Ah…. well what about that juicing thing you ask? I will be making a better attempt at this tomorrow and over the weekend. I am thinking that due to nursing and needing to keep up with that and not feel completely depleted, I may go to juicing breakfast and dinner. Lunch is really ‘my’ meal of the day anyway. And that could work pretty closely to what I was aiming for. But in the meantime, I’m going for another try tomr

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