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Annual Homeschool Craft Fair – 2015

craft fairThe Homeschool Craft Fair is going on its sixth year of offering kids and families a venue to make and sell their incredible wares. If you have an art, craft or talent you’d like to share with the homeschooling community and neighboring public, this is a perfect venue for such. Kids gain the experience of displaying, selling, trading and the like. Entrepreneurship at its best!

The craft fair this year will be November 6th and November 7th from 10:30am – 3:30pm each day. You will have the opportunity to set up your table and wares on Thursday November 5th between 12:30p-2p OR on Friday prior to the fair at 10:00am.

The fair is hosted at the Ethical Humanist Society at 7574 N. Lincoln Ave in Skokie.

Tables are limited. We are supplied a set number and can’t really fit more than that in the space, so do reserve your spot early! Table fees are $20 per table to cover both/two days. The fee is due by/no later than October 31st. You may pay by cash, check (to Amy Jarjusey) or paypal (in the amount of $20.88 to cover paypal fees to mommy@nakitababy.com).

Please submit the little form below to reserve your table. If you have questions, please feel free to ask (mommy@nakitababy.com) or comment below!





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