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Animals United

So after this incredible summer heat wave has finally broken a bit for a bit of reprieve, and bit more comfortable sleep all-around, we had our weekly family movie night ‘event’ last night. At start of the new year I committed that family dinners, a weekly family movie (or game) night, AND a mama-kid weekly date night were a ‘must do’ on the new year’s resolutions. We now refer to it as “FMN” and have a blast looking for new flicks, TV shows, documentaries, etc. to enjoy together. Recently we had began renting from red box, and have enjoyed the low rental fees, and the newer releases that Netflix may not have just yet (especially on their instant streaming).

This weekend’s pick:









Now before you go, “Oh yea! I saw something about this movie and we need to check it out!” Let me save you a well-deserved-precious-time and let you know…. it stinks. It’s really really really REALLY unfortunate too because it has an amazing message! It’s an important story about humans, animals, the earth and our WATER! The environmental relationships that we all need to be reminded of and take notice and ACTION of. However, the story is slow. It jumps from one plot to another. It’s rather bizarre in nature. It’s hard to follow…. and to be quite frank, I could not sit through the entire thing. We left it to play in its entirety and checked in on it between other family conversations and activities. I did get a lovely massage from SBJ during a chase scene between mean human and meerkat. But, it was slightly pain-staking (the movie, not the massage). I had the relentless hope that at some point… just possibly… just maybe… it just *had* to get better! Sadly…. it did not. While the message is fabulous (dyer and important), there are many other movies and documentaries out there that could make a better impact on your children.

And just so you have full confidence that my critique of this movie is not completely biased or one-sided…. none of my four kids (ages 10y, 8y, 4y, and 1.5y) watched it in it’s entirety! SBJ….. he at one point excused himself to take a wee-little-nap.

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