Amy J Travels

Anyone who knows me knows that my passion for broadening perspectives by traveling vastly and frequently pertains to not only myself, but my children as well… and anyone ready for adventure for that matter! And…. if you’re meeting me for the first time, let me be the first to tell you…. I am here to fuel your fire for travel! I am so lucky to be in a position of helping people explore territories unknown to them and finding the best deals around while doing so!

You won’t be disappointed with Amy J Travels, as I am always seeking out the best prices, deals, and adventures money can buy! I pride myself in paying acute attention to details, and I just love hearing that spark of excitement with travel clients are booked and ready to GO!

Please feel free to call 505-565-5994 to speak with me to book your next travel adventure. Whether it is a solo trip, family trip, group trip, reunion, sports trip, school trip, or other…. ! You catch my drift?! I am capable and eager to help you get the best rates for your upcoming travel event!

I am also available via email at: I look forward to planning your next adventure with you!

~ Amy J Travels