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American Dream – Nakita Baby
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American Dream

The question posed on Facebook: How did the “American dream” play a role in your decision to worldschool?

And I really got into reading the responses. Made me contemplate deeper how and why we are choosing this path:

When I ponder this question I reflect on all of my life choices to date and how I’ve had to break free from the mold to be able to follow what my heart deemed the best life path for me. When I wanted natural childbirth, to breastfeed, co-sleep, attachment parenting, and (gasp) radically unschool!!! None of these decisions came lightly. None came without the total internal struggle of “this is not what is deemed ok”…. “this is not what folks do”….. “what criticism will I have to endure”….. “let me just hide this decision for awhile” …. etc. Each new choice has built me a stronger person though! Come to think of it…. same came when I wanted to spend a couple years in the Peace Corps as well. My immediate family and community thought me insane to spend years away from “home” in a foreign land. So it was not just the start of parenting…. but I digress from my point here. Just as folks speak of deschooling ourselves becomes essentially with many of these parenting choices, “desocialization” (like that one? 🙂 ) becomes necessary for many who may be looking to step outside of that “american dream” idea, especially when those around them feel they have completely lost their marbles. The American dream philosophy perhaps often keeps folks from seeking out true dreams and passions, and it’s this false idea of what creates happiness that often leads people to their graves miserable, unhappy, empty, feeling completely unachieved. I’m sure I could ramble on, but if I were to answer for myself on a personal level, it is that the false idea of this “American dream” has forced me to accept the ‘challenge’…. I accept the challenge that myself and family can be perfectly (and beyond) happy without brick and mortar and droll-dum of a day, schedule, routine…. and that the world truly is our oyster and being a part of that is what creates true happiness. Home I where you lay your head with loved ones…. not where you go into debt trying to pay for the roof. And it’s not the say that this challenge is not accepted with trepidation!! Oh boy…. each day you reconsider, rethink, and move on. And with each day you become more free!! Freedom physically is beautiful…. freedom internally is like winning the lotto!



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