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All Around – Nakita Baby
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All Around

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a good ol’ update on each of the J’s around here. Feeling the need to spew a bit, I figure this would be a good opportunity to share all of the going on’s as of late.

Shall we go youngest to oldest? Sure…. why not.
M is 17 months now. She’s been walking a long long time now. She’s quite the runner too. I get the biggest kick out of her gearing up to run and then flinging her arms/hands behind her and letting go. Her legs move so fast it’s like her body is trying so hard just to keep up with the momentum. She is teething like a banshee. She’s had molars and fangs and the whole-lot all breaking all at once. Guess that is indicative of her personality too : ) The all-or-nothing gal. Go hard or go home! She is eating few solids and nursing like a maniac. She is maybe my main reason for wanting to spew b/c she’s turned me into the human pacifier at night, leaving me little-to-no sleep at all the last few weeks…. probably mounting on a month or more at this point. I’m starting to loose my marbles because of it. I’ve won many a mother-of-the-year-awards the last few nights. Yelling and screaming about the lack of sleep and the amount of latching going on. Last night my tantrum put me on the couch trying to hide from her grips. I have resolved to attempt the night-weaning process tonight. Not totally positive as to how this will pan out. Maybe another week or two of tantrums, but 1) it can’t be worse than what is happening now b/c I feel like I’m nursing around the clock right now, and 2) I think she’s a very very quick wit. She can understand absolutely everything we are saying and ask of her. She’s quick to do as you ask (like throwing her diaper out in the garbage : ). She just loves to be a part of everything going on. She can never be alone and needs to be with the crowd. She is a super-best-bud with her big bro – S. S treats her like a little princess and cohort in disaster damage. They remind me exactly as K and D at those ages. Accept that D was the one to teach K the ways, and this time S is the one to teach M the ways. Pretty cute. She is chatting up a storm now. She can say “ha-low” for hello, and “ah-oh,” “mama,” “baba,” (for nursing), and then several other things that are the sounds of sentences. We’ll say, “where’s M?” And she’ll say “there she is!” but the sounds of the sentence only. It’s way-too-adorable. She also says “love you mama” in much the same sounds. <luv>

S is in al his glory lately. Well…. he always has been I suppose. He’s been quite the unique child coming along after K and D. He’s his own persona definitely. Dress as he likes, eat as he likes, sleeps as he likes. He will rarely every take direction, and often says to me, “You’re not my boss mommy. I will do what I want.” So true, so true. A good teacher to me he has been quite honestly. I want to parent in much the way he expresses. I’m not the dictator with rules and regulations. We try to maintain family principles of course…. common respect, safety and health of all is of the utmost importance. But I want them to have minds of their owns and test their own decisions in their safe family home environment. And not being raised in that way, it is often a wonderful reminder to have this spitfire 3 1/2 year old remind me of just who is boss of who : ) He is quite the athletic type, and just plain active. He enjoys ALL activities to their fullest, and you will almost never find him still in the house. He find anything and everything to busy himself and explore, and our house often looks like a tornado has hit. (I do nickname him my little tornado.) As messes do drive me a bit batty after a bit of time, his passion has pushed me to a new level patience and tolerance as well. He is often blind to the path/wake he’s created in his exploration. And I try hard to let that be… but have to admit that about every 4th or 5th day I loose that battle and request a full-floor sweep. Everyone partakes in helping getting things off the floor and helps mama maintain a bit of sanity in the process. S is doing art class currently and is about to join his first-ever soccer team. This is the HYSL league that I have put together for this spring, and our house is very excited at how it is all shaping up! He’s a buddy to everyone younger than him, and even much older than him. He seems to have acquired quite a following amoung the “big boys” in the homeschool community. It’s pretty funny to see him walk into a room and everyone greet him first : )

D is about to be 8 years old this May. Coming quickly! She is just so beautiful and amazing and just has not realized it yet. She struggles with self-confidence and I try to work on that as much as possible. I see that she is super-sensitive and is ultra-scared of making ANY mistake at all in a public setting. She has ventured out to do a musical this season! I am SO thrilled b/c I feel that she needs a little push in that confidence building area. She’s so-so-super sweet when she wants to be and then the jeckle can appear as quick as a snap in of the finger : ) She knows this too and we often talk about how to control that rage when she has it. She gets the concept, but it’s hard to implement at just 7 years old. She seems to be a social limbo right now. She seems to realize that she enjoys spending times with some friends more than others, and recognizing why. She’s been more selective with her time lately, and has really truly delved into art a great deal. She is taking a clay class again, but also at home doing a LOT of drawing. Her skills have really advanced lately and I’m impressed with the ideas she comes up with. She had always been much of a copycat when it came to art. She loved to replicate things she saw or someone else did on their own. But lately she’s been quite the adventurer. She’s creating characters and designing clothing and hair, stories and more. It’s wonderful to see! She’s quite an amazing young lady. I look forward to the moment when she truly knows that of herself and has far less doubts of her true potential.

Now K…. he’s about to be 10 in just a matter of weeks and I think I might cry up a storm when that hits. How the heck did I become a mother to a 10 year old?!? I just can’t fathom. He’s always been one to say he can’t wait to grow up, and this past few months he’s saying he’s just not ready to be 10 : ) Pretty funny. We had been asking a few more things of him lately, like babysitting his brother (while daddy was asleep in the other room and I took D to a class with the babies), and he whole-heartily tried a couple of times, but then caved. He just did not want the responsibility any longer. It exhausted him : ) He’s such a funny sole. He’s much a clone of his father, but I notice several quirky traits of mine that he possess. He’s still sweet as can be, and still ultra concerned about the “right’s” and the “wrong’s” in life. He can be quick to rage, so he’s learning quickly that’s not working for him. Fortunately, he is a great communicator. He’s open to chatting with me about several things going on and how to get through life. However, he often is quick to point fingers and not really self-analyze. I do see hope in this changing…. slowly but surely. This last week or two he has shown that he truly is capable of realizing his role in situations and it’s nice to see growth. He’s still very much into computer time. He does lots of gaming and youtube and always has something new to share that he’s discovered online. He is a movie buff…. our mama-kid date nights is typically a movie in the theaters. He loves seeing the newest flicks. He is also taking his newest favorite class which is drama and improv theater down at Prop Theater. It’s the highlight of his week and has grown tremendously since the start. He takes several classes at our Thursday collective, organizes a Pirate club gathering at our place every other week, and has just started up his fun Monster Quest class with another group of homeschoolers. He’s a buddy to everyone and truly treats people like gems. I so appreciate that about him. He’s struggling to recognize just how much he does offer his friends and just how special he is…. but hopefully this too will change with time : )

 SBJ though older than me, will be next in line : ) He’s been still stuck in this crazy overnight schedule that has become quite the routine around here. On the one hand, it’s a very hard thing to grasp, and in the very same breath…. he’s tried the daytime shifts in the last couple of months and we saw him being dragged into more odd hours than was even feasible. Sometimes he’d be on from 7a-3p and then he’d be on at 3p-11p (having to be back to work at 7a the next day). Daytime provided no stability and somewhat hectic life for us. I was unable to plan around that schedule, and he certainly was unable to regulate a sleeping schedule. Nights, though a hard thing to adjust to, is at least regular and predictable and has been not all that bad. (Of course, this is a year later after having been forced to get used to it!) He’s still in his studies. He’s had a kinda gap time trying to fix grant/scholarship deals, but he only has 4 classes left to be done with is degree, so he is very eager to get to that point. It will be such a great accomlishment for him, and will change so much for our family as well.

I have come to the point where I have taken a leave from Cultural Care Au Pair. My last day was Feb. 28th, and that was a very surreal moment. I have been with CCAP for 8 years now, and it has felt much like a separation or a divorce. It’s not the easiest adjustment and I think the biggest thing is the trepidation I have over the huge changes that lie ahead. It’s easy to get stuck in routines, it’s hard to shake things up a bit, shift gears and even start things a new. I’m about half way through my BWI certification and needing to really buckle down to get that completed. I’m eager to start teaching, and hope to be so by this summer. We are also looking for a place to move to, and feel I have 100 things on my plate. I have been co-organizing AJCW and we have a 6 week session coming up after this one. I also have the Homeschool Youth Soccer League (HYSL) well underway and excited about the first season starting up this weekend! All of the planning time up to this point has been hectic, and now I think I am finally getting to a point where things will be more self-run and I can revamp my priorities and get on track with what I really want to do (income wise). I’m very excited to start offering my henna belly designs for pregnant mamas, as well as the enlarged hand-drawn black and white portraits too. I’m looking forward to warmer weather… the earlier the better in my book. I have noticed, especially in this last month or so, that the lack of sunshine is truly affecting my mood. I got kinda (really) sick with a nasty strep throat and thought I should start taking Vit D again. I upped my usual dose too, and I have been feeling SO much better that it dawned on me just how much the lack of sunshine truly does affect me.

Well, you made it through the updates and I’m distracted by TLC’s hoarder show, Buried Alive. I can’t seem to peel my eyes away and makes me want to go purge some of our stuff asap! Wow.

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