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Alternative Life WHAAA? Yeah, I get that a lot. But it is by far the most fitting title I could create when I ordered those business cards! I am a person who seems to be consistently found off the beaten path. Is there something we could do different that happens to work better? I am sure to figure out what, how, where, when, who….

I love bringing people together. I love encouraging people to find their greatness. I believe in whole-life (mind, body, soul) well being. And I believe in the power that each and every person can create, harness, and blossom for oneself. I am passionate about peaceful parenting, unschooling (homeschooling, worldschooling, life-learning). I choose to find alternatives to modern medicine because I fully believe in the power of the body being able to heal itself if provided the tools it needs. That said, I believe in modern medicine as well, when used in at the right time and right circumstances of course.

As an Alternative Life Aspirationist (ALA) through NB Wellness Co., I utilize my degree in Developmental Psychology and my complete life experiences and self-directed continuing education, and I aspire to find the alternative path that could provide profound healing in ourselves as well as in our personal relationships. Our unique journeys are continuously trying to teach us something by cycling through patterns, feelings, emotions, symptoms, illness, and much much more, until we open our eyes, ears, hearts, minds and souls to the possibility of change and profound growth. When we take time to listen, to question, to explore, and re-invent, such phenomenal experiences and opportunities open up in our lives. When we can listen to that little intuition that we so often shove back, down, and out of sight and sound because its voice is scary. Its voice provokes self-doubt. Its voice seems to be impeccably correct within our soul, but our hearts and minds are being wavered by mainstream society. As an ALA I long to encourage and bring about what you already know. Deep in those crevices you have an inkling…. a notion… a calling. Something is guiding you to the path you should be steering towards, and all you need is that sounding board. That cheerleader. That guidance to find and follow it.

My main topics of passion:

– Peaceful Parenting

– Unschooling/Worldschooling, home education, alternative education

– Whole-health Natural Wellness

– Henna Tattoo Art as a way of nurturing, healing, and blessing

– Reiki Therapy and other energy work

If you were to come across my site, or meet me in person… perhaps you picked up my business card and you were intrigued by what you read…. you might be like, “ok, yeah, but what would you provide me?” Great question! For our first initial meeting or interaction, I would provide you with a 15-minute free consultation where you let me know which of these things you feel most passionate and drawn to discuss. Depending on that answer, I would be able to game-plan with you. Perhaps a hash-session or two to chat about unschooling because you really want to know more and dive deep into the topic. Maybe you want to know more about Whole-health Natural Wellness because you have condition you’d like to see better results for and mainstream medications or treatments are not working for you (or a family member for that matter). It really could be any number of things related to these passions and I will be able to plot out a road map for us to journey through together. Perhaps your needed guidance is minimal and you really just need to a bend an ear! That’s a-okay too!

I encourage you to enjoy the pages of my blog to get a sense of who I am. I encourage you to explore and get a feel for whether you would resonate with me and my personality. I have little to hide and I am truly an open book. I encourage you reach out for that free 15-minute consultation and decide for yourself. You are your own best judge and advocate. Trust!

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