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AJ Collective Workshops – Continuity and Growth Survey – Nakita Baby
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AJ Collective Workshops – Continuity and Growth Survey

Dear AJCW families and future/ prospective families,

The time has come for some reevaluation of AJCW and its continuity and growth. We have grown to place where there were so many wonderful classes being offered that we had extended the day to accommodate another full time slot. That, in turn, made for a very full, somewhat exhausting day where many folks traveling from further away were stuck in the thick of rush hour to get home. AJCW would love to accommodate as many needs as possible and maintain this amazing community and all that the facilitators have and are willing to offer.


That said, we are contemplating a change but find the input of the community invaluable in deciding if this is a wise change to make at this point in time. AJCW would like to expand to two slightly shorter days for the next six week sessions. Starting at 10am and ending at 2pm would allow for 3 class options in day, with a nice lunch break in between, and two days to gather with this amazing community. This would provide six amazing classes for your kids to choose from, with in one week, in one great location for families to unite and build community.


 In part, by doing this, we are looking to:

 1) Accommodate the travel schedules of those who are traveling from further away,

 2) Allow more facilitators to offer their wonderful classes,

3) Accommodate our children!!! As an experienced facilitator who routinely teaches at the 3:15pm time slot, I have to say that our kids are tired! That’s a very long day and not what most of us signed up for when we decided to homeschool. If we need to pay for classes, most of us would love that our kids are interested and engaged in classes, and not exhausted and half-mast. Shorter days would hopefully accommodate that.


I have created a brief survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/N7K6X2V (Please follow this secure link to Survey Monkey to take our survey.)


I would encourage current families as well as prospective/potentially new families to take this survey (there is an option to clarify if you are a current family or not). It’s great to know that if there was another day offered if you would come to check out classes. It’s also great to know if you would be interested in doing AJCW 2 days a week, AND it would be good to know if the time change would accommodate all of this happening for the community. If AJCW is left to the way that is running currently, the schedule would remain the same but I would, unfortunately, be left to turning some instructors away. And, I have to say as coordinator of the class listings, there are some really really (really) great new things that people are coming up with, organizing and wanting to offer. It would be shame to have to pick and choose and ultimately turn people away or put them off to future sessions. Thus the questionnaire…


I would love to hear your input! AJCW appreciates all of your support. The questionnaire will be open till Friday at midnight. I promise you it will not take more than 1 minute to take, with only a handful or less questions to answer. Your input is greatly appreciated!!!

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