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A.J and U.P – Nakita Baby
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A.J and U.P

They just headed home after a longish weekend here. It was so great to see them. Sorry they did not stay longer, or that we had more time with them. But we did score a nearly full day on Saturday with them, and we soaked up every minute. It was so great to shop with J and pick out materials and chit chat. It was great that the kids got to show off their things/interests and play with each of them. It was awesome that P got (was willing) to sit through the whole Nightmare Before Xmas show that K was just in (and we had on video). And that they got to play their ultimate favorite game with him…. that I still don’t get to the fullest except they really love to lock him in jail! : )

It’s sad to be so far away from them, but fully appreciate the time when they are here. Added to an awesome weekend. The rest of it, for us, was really laid back. The kids are I are getting ready for a craft fair this coming weekend, and yikes…. we are moving pretty slow and enjoying all of the down time since classes are tapering off for the holidays. Time to start planning our schedule for the new year, and I’m really torn about how we will map this all out. I’m sure it will come clear if we actually write it all out…. but ugh… just wanting to enjoy the season and the holidays!

After a few long nights of colds and stayin’ up too late, I’m feeling a bit cross-eyed this evening. Time to turn in. Bad news is that M ended up getting the cold, but really not all that bad. Just a stuffed up nose once in a while, and not something that sticks around all day. Good news is that they all seem to be over it. Short-lived colds and they are all on the mends with M close behind. Just hope we did not share too much of the “love” during the holiday with friends and family!

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