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It’s been that kinda week(s)!!!
That last was getting sick and since then been running like a madwoman. But all in a good/fabulous/fantastic kinda way! We have been so flipping busy, but I do love busy…. as long as it has me a few down times in the midst. We did the kids craft fair which was super great. We have classes running Tuesdays and Thursdays, which are already in the 7th week (just can’t believe that one). I have been running Girl Scout Daisies since my co-leader had her babes. Been working on setting up new business with D!!! (You really should check it out!!!) And…. getting a film/documentary project funded and up and running with K! It’s been super duper amazing. A juggling act. Like a jigsaw that desperately needs to be completed. It’s a thrill to me and I’m so happy that everyone is so happy. AND…. I’m looking forward to this upcoming week OFF! We are off from all activities come this weekend, for an entire week and it’s going to be luxurious. Loads of time to get deep into our new projects and just BEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

So hey…. if YOU have some time, and just a few bucks, we would super duper love if you can contribute anything to our project! It doesn’t take much if we have the help of many. Our budget is quite minimal and our endeavors quite high! I’m excited to see my kids dream come true! He deserves all this and MORE!

Thanks in advance for ALL you can do! It means the world to us!


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