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I don’t know what it is, but I seem to have taken on a few neurotic tendencies with age. For starters, I think I for sure have that Sensory Integration Disorder thingy that K was unofficially “diagnosed” with a while back. This… with a side of OCD for the hell of it. This is coupled with my adult ADD which the onset hit around D’s 2nd b-day/year I think. I have a horrible horrible ADD tendencies, and then have the exact opposite (phases) where I could easily sit on the couch for days : ) Just kidding. But really the attention problem needs some work. (Tonight… burnt soup b/c distracted from about 5 other things at the same time!)

It’s insanely annoying to me how much these labels and “diagnosis” are thrown around to blatantly and without much care as to the consequence that is soon to follow. Drives me batty that so many kids are labeled and needed to fit into the little square holes just to make grown ups feel better. I could also go on and on about the tendencies for elders to constantly neglect that fact that these lil’ peoples have feelings and care to express themselves much in the way that we all do as well (and yet, often times they do it so much better than we do!). But not to waiver from the topic at hand….. my new found self-diagnosis have added a whole new dimension to me as a “grown up” myself : )

On another note…. to give up caffiene or not too? Oh…. the pain in making even that ONE decision. That decision seems to alter everything in my day : ) It was SO SO hard not to drive through and get my large diet coke today. I’ve attempted this more than once in the past. For K’s pregnancy went cold-turkey and it was easy as pie. But since, my attempts had only lasted a month or few and then I was just longing for that cold bubbly drink. I hear that dropping it can really help with shedding some pounds…. and really, well… I would just love to not be dependent on a lil’ pick -me-up. But…. oh I so enjoy it! Weighing whether this vice is worth it or not is a decision hard for me to make with the lack of sleep : ) Is it doing much harm for this sleepless stage in life? Or am I fooling myself in order to indulge ; )

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