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Yep… that’s my new word. I have this new mantra for the weeks ahead, “It’s an adventure! (Not a suicide mission.)”
SBJ is unable to trek with us to the west coast, and anxiety about just how far we will be able to travel is building on me. Well…. it WAS building on me. I was thinking about all of the things that were getting to me. I had two main concerns…. the first being that we just would not make it there by xmas day, and the other…. that my brother and SIL had just no idea how insane it could be living with us for a week…. or little over a week. But came to the very simple realization…. the kids just don’t care if we are there on “the” day of xmas. After all, they are celebrating with G’pa on a different day, and daddy on a different day. Who wouldn’t want to have and celebrate 3 or more days of xmas?! So, really all that matters is that we handle this an ADVENTURE and enjoy the entire thing. And if they do get stressed out and sick of us…. we have our trusty Dodge Caravan to pack us up and take us back-on-home. Solutions so simply that all I need to say is, “This is an adventure!” and I’m really pretty excited about it!

This will be such a huge and very special moment for me and the kids. Out on an adventure across the country, seeing things we have never seen before. I feel a huge wave of change descending upon us as this approaches and as we absorb the experiences that come our way. This has put me in such a blissful state of peace that even my to-do list for leaving seems quite minimal and simple to accomplish. That’s not really ever been the case on several other trips I’ve embarked on. I’m really looking forward to seeing what this adventure may bring each of us!

Hope you and your families have a magical holiday season! Enjoy each and every experience for the gift it is bringing to your life. Even those that don’t appear to be much of a treasure have something very unique to offer you at this place in your life. Enjoy!


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