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Adventure bound and back (pt.3) – Nakita Baby
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Adventure bound and back (pt.3)

So we’ve made it to Vegas and gained ourselves another hour in they day by doing so. Since they slept so awesomely in the car on the way there I follow through with my end of the bargain by taking them for a midnight (well 10:30p) swim. They get all funny-duddy when we walk in and there is a couple in the hot tub doing a little somethin’-somethin’. That is the hilarious bit after b/c the older two are constantly talking about “how could they do that in a hot tub!?” Waaaayyyy toooooo funny. They get their little swim in and we head to bed. Have an amazing xmas day breakfast. Not that the food was just oh-so-fabulous. But that it was xmas day, there was no rush or fuss about things, we were just all in a perfect place and it was really lovely just hanging out with all of the other passer-throughers at the hotel. I told the kids that this would be a xmas breakfast I would not forget. It was one of those moments.

We went for another dip in the pool and enjoyed our morning at the hotel. Afterall, now we are only four hours from LA, CA! That’s nothing compared to all we’ve done so far! The swim is SO much fun, and we get a xmas picture taken before leaving Vegas as well:


The kids are so thrilled that we are oh-so-close to our destination and that they will celebrate xmas with A.J and U.P. They have been longing to see their home and spend more time with them. It’s not hard to get everyone showered, dressed and back in the car this morning! We head through Vegas and see up in the sky one of those smoke planes that is drawing something in the sky. Before we leave the city limits we see a big ol’ smiley face in smoke in the rich blue sky. It was a pretty cool part of the day. I saw a street named Zzyzy Rd. and wondered, “really? How on earth do some of these things get named?!” We reached highway 15S and wow, this was as busy as 55 in Chicago. I suppose everyone was heading to CA for xmas! Or had just spent xmas in Vegas. Either way, it was quite a busy highway, and the most busy street we had been on this whole trip so far. The big blue bus is one of the only cars stopped at the customs border of CA! I could not figure out what we were stopped for till we edged closer and saw the sign. I saw majority of the cars just being waived through, so did not anticipate any big deals here. But yep, I suppose the big blue bus with it’s IL plates was something to alarm the authorities about : ) We were stopped, asked about smuggle stuff in and then let on our way. I had to let out a big chuckle though when he asked me if I had anything on board!

After a desperation pee break in San Barendino, a quicky french fries to curve the growing appetites, we were just moments to Pasadena. The excitment was mounting and they were asking every second when we’d be there. Pulling up in front of their house was pretty sureal. After this journey we were finally here, and yet felt like we still needed to ‘go’ somewhere. I think everyone was excited and in complete shock! Even U.P had a dazed look that suggested he really did not feel that we were coming to visit at all! But after a bit of the sea leg feeling wore off and we were able to settle, we had a very wonderful xmas with them. The kids got all sorts of generous gifts that they were just thrilled about. A wonderful meal perpared by my brother. And…. a fun stocking gift game that was super fun had by all. It was a great night with more adventures to come throughout the week!


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