Screenshot_20190306-091129_Gallery Jill-of-all-trades is what I tend to refer to myself as. Those who know me address me as Amy. I love to do almost anything, and I am always intrigued by new experiences. Just don’t ask me to bungee jump or sky dive and I’ll likely say yes. I am the insanely proud mama to five phenomenal radically world-schooled kids. Each one of them unique, brilliant, creative, and loving… if I do say so myself. If I didn’t need to make a living I’d be in bliss-heaven full-time momming it. That being said…. the world fascinates me. People fuel the soul. I love each and every thing I am fortunate enough to do in my life. You may catch me working my virtual assistant business, helping people grow their personal businesses. Or you may find me organizing, coordinating and loving on the Unschooling NOW tribe which has truly become a love-child with the most amazing gathering of people you’ll find in this world. Even still…. you may find me in my self-designated role as a Alternative Life Aspirationist in which I offer so much good wholesome wellness your souls could burst. When I happen to find a spare moment amongst all of that, you’ll find me hiking the trails, enjoying the outdoors, traveling with my super awesome travel companions, and/or creating super fun jewelry, art, and wellness goodies for the next craft fair I may find. Whatever the case…. there is never a dull moment here. Life is meant to be enjoyed and I am sure to be doing it from the second my eyes open, until they close at night. And even then…. I am enjoying the most superlative dreams anyone might imagine! Welcome to Nakita Baby… because family matters!



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