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A day

A day in our life varies drastically from one to the next. Today was a varied kinda day. I was thrilled to be able to be back in touch with folks via voice and text. SBJ passed along his new phone to me and resumed use of his old phone…. providing us each with our needs being met, saving us money, and keeping us out of extending our contracts in any way, any further. That was a huge hit.

I hit the pavement this AM too. I have up’d my game to a four mile run now. I am beginning to enjoy it more and more, and the 4th mile is doing me great (phenomenal) good really. It’s an amazing feeling to have accomplished 8000 steps in your run alone and know the whole day is still ahead.

aug27_2After playing around in the car taking selfies of ourselves, we headed to the library where the highlight you would have though would be all of the cool materials the checked out, but rather was this enormous spider in the window spinning a web around a fly and proceeding to suck the life out of it. Wowza, what an experience that was!

aug27_3On another note, they did get some great stuff. M picked some books about flowers, S picked books about the moon, and D selected a nice varied group of topics including xrays, chemistry and ….. baking I believe. Of course we had an enormous selection of movies, and this go around picked out an audio book as well. We have fallen in love with Jennifer Wolf, I believe her name is. She wrote Penny’s From Heaven which we all enjoyed on audio, so we got another one called Fourteenth Grasshopper to see if we dig that just as much.

From there we grabbed from Andy’s Custard, dropped of a package at the UPS store, and headed back home. At home D and I explored this new(ish) book I have about Zentangles. I purchased is super cheap from Barne’s and Noble, and have yet to get around to playing around with some of the concepts in there. We spent a bit of time doodling around and enjoying the new designs and coloring.

aug27_5While we doodle, the others gave baby C a lesson on boffer sticks/sword play/magical worlds, etc. Hilarious seeing her attempt to carry those large foam boffer deals.



aug27_4Left over chili with garlic bread was on the menu this evening. Quite yum. I snarfed it down, and put the baby down for a nappy so that K and I could sneak out this evening to the 48 Hour Film Fest Awards Ceremony. They showed each of the top winners (which were all amazing I might add), and then we got to see the awards as well. Very cool. I am certain K is more pumped than ever to participate on his own next year! I’m so very excited for him.

aug27_1Got home by 10p and wee-kiddies were all still awake, but just barely. Got S and M to sleep but baby C refused. She watched D and myself play Mario on the Wii till daddy walked in from work. She then spent a good half hour or more entertaining him till she’d pass out.

Here I sit. Peeking at all of the photos of this week that I had emailed to myself to remind me to blow about, and yet I have not done so. I guess there is a whole extra slew of topics I will eventually get to. In the meantime, my eyes begin to blur as the clock is ringing in 12:30am. I must crawl under the covers with my two little baby girls and enjoy the rest of this evening with them.

Does unshooling look anything like this in your home???



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